Does Advertising on Facebook Work for Car Dealers?

Auto dealers have practically limitless options for marketing their inventory—and of course, some work better than others. The trick is determining which marketing methods truly get results. For instance, does the Facebook Ads platform carry much promise for car dealerships, or is it something better just ignored?

We’ll start by saying right up front that we believe Facebook Ads to be a powerful tool for car dealers—not just useful, but invaluable. With that out of the way, we’ll walk you through a few of the biggest selling points, as well as a few minor drawbacks.

The Drawbacks of Facebook Ads

The negative stuff first: Facebook Ads requires you to spend some money, and until you become comfortable with the platform, some of that money might not yield much of a result. You’ll definitely need to be patient and stick with it, and anyone looking for an instant effect probably won’t find it with Facebook Ads (unless you just get lucky). This can be easily mitigated by selecting very low budgets to start out with, while you learn the ropes.

Compounding that is the fact that Facebook Ads is a sophisticated platform, with countless options and features—which means that it’s hard to wrap your head around, and ultimately will require you to spend some time developing your skills. In fact, you may be better off outsourcing your Facebook advertising to seasoned professionals, such as the Get My Auto Team.

Why Facebook Ads Works for Dealers

With all of that out of the way, let us tell you why the Facebook Ads platform is so uniquely powerful.

The first thing is data. Facebook Ads lets you tap into data that comes from actual vehicle registration figures in your geographic locale, letting you target buyers in your neighborhood who actually have a purchasing intent—that is, people who want to buy a new car, and soon.

Facebook then allows you to target those buyers directly—meaning you can only display ads to people who are nearby and who want to purchase a vehicle. On top of that, you can optimize your ads so that you only have to pay when you get a conversion.

In summary, then, you can focus solely on local buyers who want to buy a car, and you can only spend money on the actual conversions you get—meaning there can be almost no risk associated with Facebook Ads, assuming you use all the advanced targeting features right.

Mastering Facebook Ads

The bottom line for car dealers is that the Facebook Ads platform works—but only if you know how to work it. To get started, you may want to enlist professional help. Get My Auto can deliver it.

We have years of experience with Facebook Ads, and we work only with dealerships. We can help you get maximum value out of the Facebook Ads platform. Contact us today for a consultation with Get My Auto.