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10 Tips for Selling Used Cars on Craigslist

Craigslist isn’t always thought of as a key marketing tool for used car dealerships, but in our view, it’s utterly essential. Aside from Facebook, there is no digital platform we recommend more readily than Craigslist. With that said, there are […]


Does Your Dealership Website Offer a Strong User Experience?

When buyers want information about a new vehicle, they don’t immediately make an appointment at the local dealership. More often than not, they hit the Web and conduct a fair amount of online research before they ever set foot in […]

Break-Out-of-the-Seven CarClub-GetMyAuto

Break Out of the Seven Car Club

Are you familiar with the Seven Car Club theory? A recent Dealer Marketing article summarizes it pretty well. The idea is that, at every car dealership, there are basically three types of sales representatives. First, there are the overachievers—the people […]

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