Attention Dealers

If you feel that selling cars in this economy is really hard, then here's great news for you.

Find The Perfect Vehicle Buyer on Facebook

For dealerships, the name of the game is connecting your inventory with the right buyers. That means going where your consumers are—and in today’s world, that place is Facebook. There are currently more members on Facebook than there are people in China.

Furthermore, Facebook boasts

1.49 billion people
22 billion ad clicks
700 mobile users

Organic & Boost is Not Enough

Hopefully, your dealership already has a Facebook page, and posts fresh content daily. That’s certainly crucial, but it’s not enough to win the attention of car buyers. Organic reach alone won’t get you the online traction you’re looking for.



Not only does Facebook provide you with access to a vast audience, but it also allows you to specifically hone and target your ads to local consumers who show a real intent to buy a new or used vehicle.

Bottom Line

Facebook’s advertising platform is an incredibly powerful tool that no dealership can take for granted. Get My Auto has years of expertise to help you get the most out of your Facebook ads.

How Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook Ads-1

Our team of experts analyzes your dealership lead goals.

Facebook Ads-2

We setup a custom campaign to reach ideal buyers based on your goals.

Facebook Ads-3

Facebook uses Datalogix and Polk data to determine who is in the market for a vehicle.

Facebook Ads-4

We further target based on age, gender, language, income, credit score, and location.

Facebook Ads-5

We retarget, which allows your vehicle ads to follow your website visitors around Facebook.

Facebook Ads-6

We can even target a buyer who is at another dealership and incentivize them to come to your location instead.

Example Facebook Advertising Campaign

RMG Iphone Ad
GMA Iphone Ad
Carmotive Iphone Ad
Ad Campaign

Spanish And English Speakers

Ad Campaign-2

Identified As Near Prime Credit

Ad Campaign-3

50 Mile Radius From The Dealership

Ad Campaign-4

Lead Information Is Sent Via Email And To CRM

Ad Campaign-5

Identified By Polk Data To Be In TheMarketing For A Used Car

Ad Campaign-6

Lead info: Buyer Full Name, Phone Number, Email, Length of Employment

Facebook Ad Address Book

Facebook’s ad platform also allows you to collect the name, email address, and phone number of the people who click on your ads—enabling your sales team to follow up and make the conversion.

Get My Auto Gets Real Results

Here’s an example of our work—real results from a dealership in Inland Empire, California.

Facebook Ad Performance Banner
Facebook Ad Performance
Facebook Ad Performance-2
Facebook Ad Performance-3
Facebook Ad Performance-4
Facebook Ad Performance-5
Facebook Ad Performance-6

What We Provide When You Sign Up

At Get My Auto, we do all the work—so you can focus on selling. Here’s just a snapshot of what we do for our clients:

Sign Up

A dedicated Account Manager with 22 years automotive advertising experience to your dealership

Sign Up-2

We manage all aspects of your Facebook account, page posts, and ads, including posting fresh content daily so you can focus on selling cars

Sign Up-3

We create custom advertising campaigns so your inventory and ads reach the ideal car buyer for your inventory

Sign Up-4

We review, edit, and optimize each campaign every day to make sure we are getting your dealership the highest return on investment possible

Sign Up-5

We assign your ads a smart dedicated tracking number, integrated with any automotive CRM and email account, so you never loose a call

Sign Up-6

We provide weekly reports so you and your account manager can track and improve the results of your campaigns

Sign Up-7

Gain access to our wealth of knowledge and expertise with automotive advertising and marketing

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We provide support from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM, 365 days a year

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to be on Facebook?

In a word, yes. It’s one of the oldest truisms in marketing: You need to be where your consumers are. In today’s world, that means Facebook.

Isn’t Facebook supposed to be free?

While an account is certainly free, Facebook has increasingly pushed marketers to takeout paid ads—but when you use a data and marketing team like ours, you can really maximize where those ad dollars go, boosting your ROI through precise consumer targeting.

What if I don’t have an account?

That’s no problem! We can create one for you, and optimize it to maximize your advertising results.

What if I tried Facebook ads before and it didn’t work?

Running a proper ad campaign takes skill and expertise; if you haven’t had good results on your own, that’s all the more reason to work with a team of experts!

What if I’m already doing Facebook ads?
It’s great that you’ve gotten started with Facebook ads—but let’s talk about how we can take your strategy to the next level. We have a team of experts with rich experience in the automotive sector and unequaled experience running Facebook ad campaigns; we also have advanced tools and analytics to help us take full advantage of Facebook’s data. In short, we can help you do things with your Facebook ad that you simply can’t do on your own.
What if I’m already posting in Facebook Groups or Boosts?

This is certainly a recommended approach, but it’s no substitute for Facebook ads. Again, we can draw on the Datalogix/Polk data to create precisely targeted ads based on user behavior and purchase intent —something that more broad, generalized public posts simply cannot accomplish.

Why is Facebook advertising so powerful?

The fact that Facebook is the king of social media can hardly be disputed: With 1.49 billion members and 22 billion annual ad clicks, as well as 700 million tablet and smartphone users, Facebook has an unparalleled sweep. Of equal significance to advertisers is the fact that Facebook uses Datalogix to target consumers anywhere in the auto-buying cycle. Datalogix is a data behemoth which in turn gets its information from Polk, a marketing firm that draws data directly from local DMVs. Through this unique alliance, Facebook is able to give marketers tools for hyper-targeting their ads to people who exhibit “likely to buy a vehicle” behavior. This means that Facebook is uniquely powerful for honing precise auto ads.