Features that Elevate Your Dealership's Sales:

  • Instantaneous identification of anonymous website browsers
  • Comprehensive visitor insights: company details, sector, geographic area, and digital interaction patterns
  • Streamlined lead creation and segmentation for optimal targeting
  • Advanced tailored audience handling for exact sales and promotional tactics
  • Seamless compatibility with Get My Auto CRM and other automotive CRM systems

Harnessing the Most Promising Leads

SiteBoost by Get My Auto doesn't just transform website visits into potential buyers; it grants the flexibility to tailor audiences using a wide set of criteria. Effortlessly integrate these audiences into your marketing and sales campaigns, be it with Get My Auto CRM or any other automotive CRM. What's more, SiteBoost synchronizes this data with your email interactions, offering a comprehensive view of potential car buyers. Now, pinpoint your most engaged prospects and interact with them effectively.

Turn Curiosity into Commitment

Empower your dealership with SiteBoost by Get My Auto. Increase the chance of qualifying a lead or sealing a deal by sevenfold. Get the insights you need to speed up transactions and connect within 5 minutes of a client's email interaction. Stay updated on email opens, proposal views, and dealership website visits.

Understanding How SiteBoost Works

We diligently monitor your dealership's website visitors and refine their profiles. This data, when synchronized with your emails, highlights the overlap between your website traffic and email communications, granting pivotal insights to finalize your upcoming sales.

In-Depth Visitor Insights for Automotive Dealerships

What can our tracking software reveal?

Our analysis tool delves deep, identifying 5x more potential leads via our robust identification network. Visitors are matched using a sophisticated identity resolution matrix, backed by our premier data consortiums, which can supplement a profile with up to 30 additional attributes.

SiteBoost by Get My Auto offers insights on:

  • Visitor's full name
  • Business or personal email address
  • Job designation
  • Contact number
  • LinkedIn account
  • Geographic details
  • Employer's name
  • Business contact information
  • Company's sector
  • Organizational scale
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Drive Decisions with
Data Through SiteBoost

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Empower Your Dealership's


From Website Interactions to Potential Buyers:

Our cutting-edge analytics identifies 5x more potential leads from the anonymous traffic to your dealership's website


Transforming Potential Buyers to Loyal Clients:

Spot buying signals and act on keen leads, ensuring every prime opportunity is harnessed.


Nurturing Clients to Become Recurring Patrons:

Our state-of-the-art tracking, coupled with real-time alerts, keeps you updated when existing customers are back in the market.