Work Smarter,
Not Harder

CRM by Get My Auto is the only customer relationship management solution that takes on a full-funnel approach by combining powerful marketing and sales features. This means you get a robust platform that supports scalable dealership growth, streamlines sales processes, and enhances the overall customer experience.

All Your Leads In One Centralized Location

Automatically import leads from hundreds of sources, with all the relevant attribution data such as source and channel. With CRM By Get My Auto, you can keep accurate track of all leads and the progress of each.

Distribute Leads
With Ease

Enjoy the option to distribute leads manually, round robin, or first come first serve. With Advanced workflows, reps automatically receive and follow up on all leads via phone, text or email.

Road To A Sale

Get a visual snapshot of where your leads are in the sales process. With Road To A Sale see how many deals salespeople are expected to close in a given week, month or year and how close a rep is to reaching their sales quota.

Make & Record Phone
Calls and SMS

CRM by Get My Auto supports calls, voicemails and messages - all you need is an internet connection. Reps can use their laptop or mobile phone to call anyone in any area code from within the CRM System. Stay in touch with your customers using multiple channels of communication.

Manage Tasks &

Effortlessly keep up with appointments, tasks and emails for every deal, contact and lead with all scheduled appointments reflected in your calendar.


Grow your dealership with flexible, customizable, and easy to use CRM capabilities.

CRM By Get My Auto

Stay in touch with your leads with built-in phone system that's integrated within your dashboard. Powerful single click calling features enable sales teams to be more efficient and productive, all from one place.

Text Messaging

Maximize customer engagement with business SMS. Automate text message with a personal touch from your dashboard, and schedule communications with new and existing leads


Make sure your messages are standing out in their inbox. Users can pre-load email templates to be distributed once certain thresholds have been met, keeping you top of mind among leads.

Contact Management

Never lose your valuable customer data again. With our contact management features, all information is securely stored and accessible across individuals and teams.

Road To A Sale

Know where every prospect is your sales pipeline from a glance. Easily track the stage of current customers and leads, and identify opportunities to close more deals

Activity Tracking

With CRM by Get My Auto, every call, text message, and outreach is recorded and tracked. Know where your sales team is spending their time and easily pick up where team members left off.

Marketing Automation

Say goodbye to manual data entry. From creating and assigning to logging new activity on a deal. CRM by Get My Auto takes care of repetitive tasks so you can get back to focusing on moving more units.

Email Marketing

Reach your clients where they’re engaging the most. With a built-in email marketing platform, you can automate messaging and track engagement to validate and optimize your sales efforts

Marketing Attribution

Are your sales efforts and messaging campaigns actually driving results? With advanced data and analytics, CRM by Get My Auto enables users to identify what’s working, and what can be working better.

Mobile Apps

Your teams is always on the move. Your CRM should be, too. Easily access all of your customers information and data to close deals wherever you are.


You’ve got all of the data, but do you know how to use it? With our automated reporting, easily understand how things are going and where to improve.