CoPilot: Simplify
Appointment Setting

Automate your communication with personalized, compelling text and email messages that boost appointment rates, freeing your sales team to focus on what they do best - closing deals.

Maximize Lead Potential

Transform Lead Management with Unmatched Efficiency and Professionalism, 24/7. AvaAI, your dedicated Automotive Vehicle Assistant from Get My Auto, redefines lead engagement from the first touchpoint to rekindling interest in previously neglected leads. With AvaAI's advanced capabilities, no lead goes unnoticed, ensuring a prompt, professional response around the clock to every inquiry.

  • Comprehensive Lead Response:

    AvaAI's sophisticated algorithm seamlessly integrates with any lead source, including industry giants like CarGurus and AutoTrader. Whether it's an initial inquiry or a follow-up, AvaAI is equipped to engage with each lead through personalized text messages or emails, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

  • Versatile Communication Channels:

    Leveraging Get My Auto's powerful text blast tool, AvaAI extends its reach, responding adeptly to bulk text message inquiries. This feature ensures that your dealership remains at the forefront of potential customers' minds, fostering a continuous and engaging dialogue.

  • Reviving Neglected Leads:

    AvaAI excels in identifying and re-engaging leads that have fallen through the cracks. By deploying targeted communication strategies, AvaAI reinvigorates interest, bringing previously overlooked opportunities back into the sales funnel.

  • Expert Appointment Setting:

    Beyond initial engagement, AvaAI's ultimate goal is to convert leads into dealership visits. With precision and personalization, AvaAI crafts compelling invitations for potential customers to schedule appointments, significantly increasing the likelihood of sales conversions.

Live Website Chat:
Enhance Customer Engagement

Instantly connect with site visitors through AvaAI's live chat, transforming casual browsers into confirmed appointments and boosting your lead conversion rates.

Benefits Section

Increased Sales

Drive more appointments and sales with efficient, AI-powered communication.

24/7 Lead Engagement

Never miss an opportunity with around the clock responsiveness.

Multilingual Support

Reach a broader audience with support in English, Spanish, and more.



Implementing Ava AI at Twins Auto Sales has transformed our customer interactions and sales processes! This tool has made our conversations more engaging, simplified appointment bookings, and boosted our car sales significantly. Thanks to Ava AI, we're not just meeting but exceeding our sales targets. Highly recommend Ava AI for any auto dealership ready to up their game!

Twins Auto Sales

AVA AI changed my business!

Before Ava AI, we at Prestige Motors Yakima had leads waiting for responses from our sales team. Now, thanks to Ava AI, every customer inquiry is promptly and effectively handled, enhancing our engagement and responsiveness. This has not only increased our appointment bookings but also boosted our overall sales. Ava AI is a game-changer for dealerships seeking to improve customer service and maximize sales opportunities. Highly recommend!

Prestige Motors Yakima