Why Use Facebook for Marketing Your Used Car Dealership?

As a used car dealer, you have a lot of marketing tools available to you, all with their own strengths and advantages. The problem is, you probably don’t have the budget to implement all of these tools and platforms, which means you have to choose. And deciding between these different marketing tools can be daunting and difficult.

For instance, take Facebook. It is well known that there are some robust Facebook marketing strategies for car dealers, but are the benefits sufficient for moving Facebook to the very top of your marketing toolbox?

We would argue that it is. Facebook’s ad platform has some capabilities that make it indispensable to automotive dealers, and place it well ahead of other social media and PPC opportunities. Moreover, a Facebook page can provide invaluable opportunities for building trust between you and your consumers.

What Sets Facebook’s Ad Platform Apart

We’ll start with Facebook’s ad platform. Now, most social media channels have their own ad networks, but Facebook’s is something really special. The reason for this is simple. Facebook provides unparalleled opportunities to target your ads—and it backs up those targeting capabilities with real data.

Facebook has key alliances with some of the most major data providers in the country, and they can actually help you aim your ads expressly to those consumers who show a strong “buying intent” for a new vehicle—that is, you can pitch your ads just to people in your geographic locale who are actually looking to buy a new vehicle. When done right, this kind of targeted advertising can produce immense return on investment!

Facebook Can Create Trust, Too

Another reason to consider a Facebook marketing strategy is that a well-maintained and properly curated Facebook page can make your dealership come across as more authoritative, more human, and more relatable. In short, it can make consumers more likely to want to do business with you.

A lot of this is accomplished through content marketing, a good and necessary complement to targeted ads. Content marketing—that is, using Facebook to distribute free, valuable information to your potential customers—can help you show them that you want to help them, to provide solutions to their problems—not simply to sell to them.

There are many examples of how this might work. You could use Facebook to share car maintenance tips, suggestions for saving money on auto insurance, and reminders about safe driving principles. You might also share behind-the-scenes videos and photos, humanizing your team and making your dealership more approachable. All of this can make consumers feel better about trusting your dealership over your competitors.

Develop Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Crucially, this kind of trust-building is really best handled at a forum like Facebook, which is social by its very nature. That’s what makes it so necessary to pair these Facebook marketing tips with a robust, data-driven approach—something Get My Auto can offer. Contact us today to learn more about our Facebook marketing experience!

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