How to Do Marketing in Facebook

In order for your dealership to stand out from the competition, it’s vital for you to actively engage with customers and potential leads—and one of the best ways to do that is through social media. When you maintain an active presence on Facebook, it keeps your dealership visible in the eyes of the consumer, and makes it easier for you to get discovered through social users. Additionally, a Facebook page that regularly posts news, updates, and information is seen as more trustworthy—more honest and authoritative. That can provide your dealership with the competitive edge that it needs.

You can’t just start posting to Facebook and expect to see big results from it, though. Proper Facebook marketing—for car dealers and for businesses of all kinds—requires a strategic approach. We’ll show you what we mean.

A Facebook Marketing Strategy for Your Automotive Dealership

Think in terms of value for the customer. For your dealership’s Facebook page to be effective, it’s going to need people to follow it, engage with the content, and even share your posts. This will only happen if you’re offering real value to your customers. This might mean posting information about new inventory, sales, or discounts, but you should also share content that’s simply designed to educate and inform—articles and tips about vehicle maintenance, for example.

Include diverse forms of media. Images of beautiful new vehicles are great for attracting attention, so make sure you have someone take good, high-quality photos of your vehicles and share them on Facebook. Video can also be powerful; you can record a member of your sales team discussing new products, sharing some financing options, or talking about different ways to maintain a vehicle.

Post consistently. You don’t have to post every hour on the hour, but do try to include one or two Facebook posts every day. You’re not going to build an audience if your posting is inconsistent. Have a team member who is responsible for daily Facebook content.

Don’t forget about paid ads. Facebook’s ad platform has some powerful targeting abilities, and will allow you to display ads specifically for people in your geographic area who are looking to buy a vehicle. Make sure you learn your way around the Facebook ad tool.

Track everything. In marketing, data is crucial. Keep tabs on what’s getting results and what isn’t, and fine-tune your Facebook marketing efforts as needed.

Humanize your brand. Don’t forget to capture the personality of your team. Facebook is a great place for behind-the-scenes photos and videos, which can help customers feel more comfortable working with your team over the more faceless, anonymous competition.

Automotive Facebook Marketing Tips

Car dealers can use Facebook to connect with consumers—and in fact, doing so is really a non-negotiable these days. If you need help taking your Facebook marketing strategy to the next level, reach out to the marketing pros at Get My Auto. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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