Instagram Marketing for Auto Dealers

To connect with consumers, your dealership will need to take advantage of every social media tool at its disposal. Of course, this includes Instagram. Instagram, a photo- and video-sharing platform, is an ideal venue for any business that has particularly attractive, photogenic products—and cars and trucks certainly fit that description!

Instagram and Your Integrated Marketing Strategy

Before you sign up for Instagram, though, make sure you have a good sense of what you’re trying to accomplish through it. Ideally, your Instagram approach will fit neatly with your integrated digital marketing strategy, and you’ll have a clear sense of how Instagram can help you meet your dealership’s goals. Those goals might include:

– Boosting your brand’s image by showing thought leadership
– Building consumer trust
– Driving traffic to your website
-Keeping in touch with past customers to drive repeat business and referrals
– Being found by local search engine users

All of these goals are reasonable, and Instagram can help with all of them, so long as you understand the broader context of your integrated marketing strategy.

Setting Up an Instagram Profile

When you set up an Instagram profile, be sure to set it up using your dealership’s proper, official name or your own name, if you’re setting it up as an individual sales rep. If your desired name is taken, think of some creative workarounds—including an underscore or even a period, perhaps. Avoid misspellings, though, which will only obstruct your SEO efforts.

Use the bio section of your profile to showcase your unique values—whether that means experience, industry authority, or customer service. Make it clear why buyers should pick you over your competitors.

Posting Photos to Instagram

As for actually sharing photos, here are some general tips to keep in mind:

– You can always use your Instagram feed to show off attractive new cars in your inventory, but try to make them look more casual than staged. They’ll stand out more if you take a nice photo somewhere beyond your showroom or lot.
– Also consider using your Instagram pictures to provide car maintenance or car care tips. For example, you could use creative imagery to reveal something as simple as which side of the car that gas cap is on, or you could take a picture of the engine and use it along with some basic maintenance strategies.
– You could also drive around and take pictures of one of your cars in front of local businesses and landmarks, and tag those locations—a great way to show your community involvement!

Get Going with Instagram Today

Auto dealers can really benefit from a strategic Instagram approach, but you may need some help formulating your Instagram goals. We’d love to help you with that. Get My Auto has years of experience providing integrated marketing services to auto dealers, and we’d love to talk with you more. Contact Get My Auto today to learn more.