7 Ways to Improve the Technical SEO on Your Dealer Website

7 Ways to Improve the Technical SEO on Your Dealer Website GetMyAuto

There are a number of ways to improve the ranking potential of your dealer website. Sometimes, the simplest and easiest SEO opportunities are the ones that get overlooked; this is especially so with technical SEO components, which aren’t always flashy, but do provide some straightforward opportunities for you to appeal to Google and Bing’s search algorithms.

Here are a few technical SEO endeavors you may be overlooking, any one of which could offer demonstrable improvement to your website performance.

Improve the Technical SEO of Your Dealership Website

  1. Write meta data. When we talk about meta data, we’re speaking of both the meta title and the meta description. Each of these fields allows you a chance to communicate to the search algorithms what your content is about, and how it should be categorized. Make sure you write meta data that makes use of targeted keywords. In your meta description, try to include a brief call to action.
  2. Include NAP. Your dealership NAP information (name, address, and phone number) should be embedded in the HTML of your site. In other words, make sure you actually have them written out in plain text, not in images. Google’s bots can’t scan images, so your NAP only registers if you list it as text.
  3. Use redirects. Over time, you may decide to delete certain pages of your site… for example, the page for a make or model you no longer sell. It’s important to set up a redirect to let the search algorithms know the page no longer exists. Otherwise, it could create some SEO confusion.
  4. Create location pages. This isn’t as vital if you only have one location, but if your dealership has multiple campuses, you may want to set up a location-specific page for each. Be sure that each location page is targeted with specific NAP information and geographic keywords.
  5. Set up Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools is a free resource with a number of benefits. The one most relevant here is that it will alert you to any problems that may be impeding your SEO efforts, allowing you to make corrections or adjustments as needed.
  6. Ensure a fast loading time. For an effective website, you really want a loading time of no more than three or four seconds. If it takes longer, your visitors will grow impatient and go elsewhere. Test your site on multiple browsers and devices to be sure it’s speedy, and if it’s not, consult with your Web design vendor to find out why.
  7. Optimize for mobile. You can anticipate at least 50 percent of your traffic coming from mobile users. Again, test across different devices and browser types to be sure your site is easily accessible to everyone.


These are just a few simple ways to verify that your SEO endeavors are on the right track. Do you have any further questions about ensuring a rankings-friendly dealership website? Connect with Get My Auto at your next opportunity.