4 Ways to Improve Your Dealer Website UX

4 Ways to Improve Your Dealer Website UX GetMyAuto

When it comes to your dealer website, there are few metrics more critical then user experience—UX, as it’s commonly abbreviated. Put simply, UX refers to the way in which your site welcomes the user; how easy it is for them to find the information they’re after, and how much they enjoy their time spent on your site. UX is important for some obvious reasons—buyers who find your website to be helpful are much more likely to call you to set up a test drive—but also some ways that may not be obvious. For instance, good UX can improve your local search rankings considerably.

But what are some things you can do to step up your dealer website’s UX today? Here are four strategies.

Improving UX for Your Dealer Website

1. Allow for some breathing room.

The first thing you can do is ensure that your dealer website has plenty of white space. That means some negative space in the margins, between text blocks/images, etc. This spacing is what allows the site to feel open and easy to navigate. If all you present your user with is a huge, confusing block of images and text, it can be overwhelming—and they may simply navigate away rather than try to find what they’re looking for within your messy design.

2. Format text for readability.

Along the same lines, you don’t ever want to present your users with a big, rambling block of unedited text. Instead, make sure anyone who visits your site can quickly skim through it and easily find the information they’re looking for. That means:

  • Breaking up different sections of text with subtitles/subheadings
  • Using bullet points and numbered lists whenever you can
  • Keeping both sentences and paragraphs brief


3. Including original images.

Most Internet users instinctively know stock images when they see them—and such photos can instill a sense of distrust. It’s much better to include original photos on your site whenever possible, including images you take of the dealership, of your inventory, and of your team.

4. Stay consistent.

One more thing that makes your dealer website easier to navigate is a sense of aesthetic consistency—that is to say, a simple “language” of fonts, colors, and button sizes that you use throughout the site. You might use a green-and-white button for the call to action on each page, for instance, which helps your users to immediately know what it is they’re seeing.

Build a Website Where Buyers Feel Welcome

You naturally want buyers to have a positive experience with your dealership, and that’s not something that begins when they enter your showroom. Rather, it’s something that begins when they visit your site. That’s what makes these UX strategies so urgent and important.

We’d love to provide you with some tools for designing a robust, user-friendly dealer website. Reach out to Get My Auto today to learn more about our various software solutions, including our website development platform.