Overcoming Used Car Sales Objections

Overcoming Used Car Sales Objections GetMyAuto

It’s a scenario that used car sales reps know all too well: You’ve just spent several minutes talking with a potential buyer, only to have them say they need to go home and think about their decision rather than signing on the dotted line right then and there.

This happens all the time, but it can still be frustrating. In this post, we’ll provide some positive and strategic ways to respond to sales objections.

When the Buyer is Ready to Walk

Acknowledge the objection—but with a positive spin

The first thing you need to do is simply acknowledge the rejection. It’s critical to mentally prepare yourself in advance so that you can maintain a smile and proper composure; if you allow yourself to look defeated, you’ve probably lost your opportunity.

Always repeat back the customer’s objection, letting them know you really heard them—but put a positive spin on it. For example, say something like: “I’m glad you want to take the time to think things through, and to make a really informed decision. That’s what I want for you, too.”

Let the buyer know that he/she is not alone

Next, tell a quick story. It can be a personal story or a story of one of your customers. And it doesn’t have to be long—a sentence or two is often sufficient.

The point is to let the buyer know that he or she is not the only one who wants to take things slow and think things over. So just tell them about another customer who wanted to take some time to contemplate their vehicle purchase. Show some empathy for where your buyer is coming from.

Get to the root of the problem

The next step is to ease into the underlying problem—not by asking point-blank questions, but simply by giving the buyer a chance to reveal what’s really holding them back.

Use a variant of this script: “You know, Rob, something I’ve found is that customers usually have one of three major concerns—concern about price, about the reputation of the dealership, or about the skill level of the sales rep. Of course, I want to make sure I’m helping you as best I can, so may I ask what’s keeping you from making your decision right now?”

Score some yeses

If your customer opens up to you about the root problem, the next step is to get them back on the same page as you—something you can do by asking some simple questions that will get the buyer saying yes.


  • Pricing is a really common hindrance; you obviously want to get the best value possible, right?
  • It would be ideal if I could help you drive off the lot in a new vehicle today, right?

Address the Issue

Now you’re ready to do anything you can to address the underlying issue—whether that means coming down off the price, talking with the customer about your dealership’s reputation, or even calling a manager for some back-up. Hopefully, these efforts can turn indecision into a definite yes.

This is just a big-picture view of how used car sales reps can overcome common objections—and to learn more, we encourage you to contact Get My Auto today.

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