5 Ways to Improve Your Dealership’s Reputation

5 Ways to Improve Your Dealerships Reputation GetMyAuto

When it comes to the success of your used car dealership, trust is one of the most important factors. Simply put, dealerships are a dime a dozen; there are plenty of places where buyers can go for their next used vehicle. The way you make yours stand out from the competition is to show that yours is the dealership of integrity—the one buyers can trust to treat them with fairness.

Earning and maintaining trust isn’t something that happens overnight, of course, but there are certainly a few specific things you can do to put trust at the core of your dealership’s value proposition—and to showcase a truly positive reputation.

Developing a Reputation of Trust

1. Earn positive reviews.

If you want to help buyers see your dealership as trustworthy, the first thing you should focus on is reviews—including Facebook and Yelp reviews but especially Google reviews. These reviews constitute “social proof”—testimonies from real customers who are willing to share their experience and vouch for your quality of service. A practical step you can take is simply to reach out to satisfied customers and ask them to leave you some feedback.

2. Generate social media activity.

Social media chatter can also provide an important form of social proof—evidence that people are talking about your dealership, but also proof that you’re available to handle buyer questions and inquiries as they come up. Make a point to monitor your social media channels and to provide prompt customer service to those who need it.

3. Share informative content.

Something else you can do to boost your reputation is use your dealership’s blog, social media accounts, and YouTube channel to provide your buyers with information about the auto-buying process. Make it clear that you are knowledgeable in your field and that you are willing to help.

4. Provide ease of communication.

This one may sound simple, but it can really make a huge difference: Make it clear to your buyers that they can easily get in touch with you any time they have a question or a concern. Do this by placing your dealership’s contact information on every page of your website; you might also consider using chatbots to facilitate online customer service needs.

5. Be clear about warranties and guaranties.

Finally, offer your buyers full transparency about any guarantees, warranties, or other consumer protections you offer. Show them that you’re willing to be up front about what is and isn’t included in these offers.

Boost Your Dealership’s Reputation Today

Your dealership’s success hinges on it having a reputation for trustworthiness—and there are plenty of positive things you can do to cultivate that reputation. Start with the steps we’ve outlined here.

Something else you can do: Reach out to Get My Auto to ask us about our dealer marketing solutions. We’d love to help you cast yours as the dealership of choice among buyers. Start developing your reputation today by contacting Get My Auto!