Your Dealership Needs Good Reviews—Now More Than Ever

Your Dealership Needs Good Reviews—Now More Than Ever GetMyAuto

What do people think of your used car dealership?

It’s an important question, and one that should be easy enough to answer: Simply take a look at your dealership’s Google reviews to get some idea of how your business is regarded.

Reviews—and in particular Google reviews—are important in more ways than one. Good, positive reviews can help you earn trust, which can give your dealership an edge over the competition. And, good Google reviews can be valuable SEO signals, helping your dealership achieve better rankings on the search engine results page (SERP).

New Study: Google Reviews Matter

This isn’t just speculation; a recent study confirms it. What the study finds is that businesses on the first page of a Google search tend to have an average score of 4.42 out of five; what’s more, the study reveals that companies with no online reviews have a very low chance of making it into the top three Google listings.

The implications are pretty clear: Your used car dealership should seek as many reviews as it can get—and hopefully positive ones, at that. Doing so can help you achieve higher visibility among search engine users.

Getting More Google Reviews

As such, we recommend actively pursuing Google reviews. Make this part of your dealership marketing strategy.

As you do so, we recommend a few basic approaches.

  • First, don’t hesitate to directly ask for reviews, especially from your best customers. If you have repeat buyers who you know to be loyal to your dealership, send them an email and bluntly ask them for their help. Let them know how much their feedback would mean to you, and be sure to provide them with a link they can access to leave their comments.
  • Include a link to your review profile on any electronic receipts, invoices, or confirmation emails you send out.
  • Also be sure the link to your Google reviews pages is prominently posted to your dealership website.
  • As reviews trickle in, take the time to acknowledge them. When you get positive reviews, take just a second to say thanks. And if you get negative feedback, ask how you can make things right.

Remember: Online reviews help you establish a reputation and expand your professional edge. They can also be meaningful for your SEO strategy—so be intentional about getting as many reviews as you can get!

To learn more about the best ways to achieve great Google reviews, reach out to the team at Get My Auto today!