5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Dealership Website

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Dealership Website GetMyAuto

Your dealership website is arguably the most critical piece of marketing collateral you’ve got—and there are always ways for you to make it better.

Before the year runs out, take just a few minutes to make some small yet significant improvements to your online home. We’ll show you how!

Make Sure There’s a Call to Action on Every Page

One thing you can do is go through your dealership website and make sure there is a clear, crisp call to action on every page.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, simplicity is the key. Just make sure there is a sentence inviting the reader to either call you for an appointment or come down to your showroom to see some cars.

Again, this isn’t just for your home page. It’s for EVERY page.

Include Contact Information on Every Page

Also take a minute to go through your website and make sure that your contact information is listed on each page. Specifically, you want consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) listings, ideally with your local area code and phone number. Among other things, this helps with local SEO rankings.

Run Some Speed Tests

Both for SEO and for general user experience, you want to make sure your website loads quickly—ideally in no more than two or three seconds.

Check it on a variety of devices and browser types. If there’s a lag, you may need to look into some deeper issues with the site itself or with your server.

Check for Bad Links

Most dealership websites are fairly small, so it shouldn’t take too long to go through the site and look for any bad or broken links.

Not only do dead links frustrate the end user, but they can also diminish your SEO power.

As you spot bad links on your site, take a moment to either repair or remove them—simple as that!

Add Reviews

One more thing you can do to make your dealership website even more powerful is to add a link to your Google reviews page—making it easy for buyers to see what other customers have said about your brand, and also to leave feedback of their own.

Again, there are numerous benefits. Reviews help to establish buyer trust, and they also function as ranking signals. As such, you always want to make it easy for potential buyers to find your reviews.

Take Your Dealership Website to the Next Level

A bonus tip: If your dealership needs to build its website from square one, our website creation platform can be a tremendous asset. We’d love to show you more; reach out to Get My Auto today and let’s discuss your dealership website needs.

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