Earn the Trust of Used Car Buyers

Earn the Trust of Used Car Buyers GetMyAuto

The big challenge that used car dealership face is that, with very few exceptions, they aren’t the only game in town. There are countless places where a local buyer might shop for a used Honda Civic or Chevy Equinox—so why should they choose to buy it at your dealership?

There are a few different ways in which you can distinguish your dealership, and the most crucial of all is earning trust. We all know the reputation that used car salesmen have; one way you can close the deal with buyers is to show them that you’re the exception. Prove to them that you have the integrity to put their best interests first, and to help them into a car they’ll be truly happy with.

Easier said than done? Not necessarily. Here are a few practical steps for used car sales reps looking to earn the trust of their buyers.

How to Earn Trust at Your Used Car Dealership

Always ask for the customer’s name—and remember it! It may sound simple, but it can actually be a meaningful way to cultivate trust. Show your buyers that they’re not just numbers or walking checkbooks to you. Treat them as individuals—and that starts by learning their names.

Listen to their needs. The quickest way to lose trust is to be pushy, and to come across like you’re trying to force the buyer into something that’s not in their best interests. Avoid this by really listening to them, learning what kind of car they truly want. Adapt your sales pitch in kind; always tailor it to meet the needs of your shopper.

Don’t lie. Yes, it seems obvious—but for some sales reps, there’s a temptation to make things up rather than admit to being stumped by a question. Know your inventory inside and out, but if you ever do get a question you don’t know the answer to, take it to someone who can help you.

Allow your buyer to do due diligence. It’s perfectly natural for a buyer to request a full vehicle history report; a lengthy test drive; or even the opportunity to take the car to an independent mechanic. If you decline any of these requests, the buyer will (quite rightly) wonder what you’re hiding.

Provide thought leadership. In terms of dealership marketing, you can earn trust by providing free information to potential buyers—for example, blog posts where you give tips on vehicle maintenance and ownership. Show your buyers that you know your stuff, and that you’re there to advise and assist them.

Trust is central to sales—and it’s one of the most significant ways for your dealership to stand out. Use these tips to earn the trust of your consumers—and to learn more about effective used car dealership marketing, reach out to Get My Auto today!

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