Why Use Craigslist to Market Your Dealership?

Why Use Craigslist to Market Your Dealership GetMyAuto

Here at Get My Auto, we are always telling used car dealers about the merits of Craigslist. We truly believe that it’s one of the secret weapons of dealership marketing—one that all too many dealerships ignore.

But what makes Craigslist so essential? Why do we recommend it so highly? It offers a number of benefits, and in this post, we’ll highlight just four of them.

Four Reasons to Market Your Dealership on Craigslist

It’s Local

First and foremost, posting your inventory on Craigslist makes it easy for you to tap into a local audience. After all, if your dealership is based in Sacramento, you don’t especially need to generate interest in Omaha. In fact, spending ad dollars on non-local buyers is largely a waste. With Craigslist, you can rest assured that you’re only talking to the people near you.

Craigslist Buyers Are Motivated

Another reason to use Craigslist? Studies have confirmed over and over again that Craigslist users are serious shoppers. In fact, they are more likely to buy, and tend to make their purchasing decisions more quickly, than any other audience. Basically, the people who spend time looking at cars on Craigslist are not casual shoppers; they’re people who want a new vehicle, and soon!

You Can Brand Your Dealership

Craigslist is an invaluable tool for promoting your inventory. What’s often left unsaid is that Craigslist is a good platform for promoting your dealership, as well. After all, some buyers aren’t going to want the particular car you’re promoting—but what if you can show them that you are a good, reputable, and trustworthy dealership with a lot of great deals? You just might get that shopper to come to your showroom to see some other models.

It’s Surprisingly Easy

Finally, we like Craigslist because it can be surprisingly easy to generate good posts that get results—especially when you have the right tools at your disposal, like the Craigslist Wizard app from Get My Auto. Yes, you still need to take some compelling photos and write good copy, and there is also strategy involved with what pieces of inventory you list at a given time. Even so, mastering Craigslist can be comparatively easy, to say nothing of affordable.

Get Started with Craigslist Marketing Today

There are plenty of reasons to make Craigslist a centerpiece of your dealership marketing—and we invite you to get started today! Reach out to the automotive marketing specialists at Get My Auto and ask us about our apps, or about Craigslist strategy in general. We’re always eager to help used car dealerships thrive, so contact Get My Auto now!