When Advertising on Craigslist, Don’t Forget to Brand Your Dealership

When Advertising on Craigslist, Don’t Forget to Brand Your Dealership GetMyAuto

At Get My Auto, we’re big boosters for Craigslist. We know from experience that used car dealerships can derive a lot of benefits from advertising their inventory on this platform; indeed, Craigslist is one of your most direct forms of outreach to truly motivated automotive buyers.

When posting ads to Craigslist, you obviously want to showcase all the features and specs for the car in question. Remember, though, that you’re not just selling the vehicle. You’re also selling your dealership.

Why Brand Your Dealership?

Consider it this way: There are a million places where the buyer could go for a used 2010 Toyota Camry—so while you definitely want to play up the condition of the vehicle, you also want to give buyers a reason why they should get it from you, as opposed to your competitors.

Something else to think about is that your buyer may ultimately decide that the Camry isn’t the right choice—but maybe, by effectively branding your dealership, you can convince that buyer to come see what else you have on the lot.

The bottom line: Every Craigslist ad you run should leave some room for dealership branding.

How to Brand Your Dealership

There are a few specific ways in which you can make that branding especially effective—casting your dealership as the dealership of choice in the area. Some suggestions:

  • Show buyers they can trust you. Trust and credibility are big issues among auto buyers. Show off your awards and your positive Google reviews, as well as any customer testimonials you’ve received.
  • Emphasize service. Buying an automobile can sometimes seem very impersonal—so one way to make your dealership stand out is to highlight the personal touch and individual attention you give to each buyer.
  • Mention other services. If you offer financing, insurance, or other services in your dealership, you can mention that in your Craigslist ads—playing up the “one stop shop” approach.
  • Note your inventory. Something else dealerships can do is to note the volume of their inventory—letting buyers know that they have plenty of options to choose from.

No matter how you decide to brand your dealership, it’s vital to include a strong call to action in each Craigslist ad—encouraging buyers to pick up the phone and call you, or to simply visit your showroom sometime.

By branding your dealership, you can get even more impact out of each Craigslist ad. To learn more about the use of Craigslist in automotive marketing, reach out to Get My Auto today.