How to Take Compelling Photos for Your Craigslist Ads

How to Take Compelling Photos for Your Craigslist Ads GetMyAuto

If you’ve been reading the Get My Auto marketing blog for long, you know that we’re strong proponents of Craigslist. We believe that, when used correctly, it can be a powerful tool for dealerships looking to connect with customers and move their inventory.

With that said, knowing how to leverage Craigslist properly can be easier said than done. For example, you should always include photos in your ads—but how can you ensure that the pictures you take are good ones, making the vehicle look as appealing as possible? We’ve got a few tips.

Leave Your Showroom

One of the biggest mistakes that dealers make is photographing their cars in the showroom, or out in the lot.

This is a bad move for a few reasons. One, it’s what most dealerships do—so your images end up blending in with the crowd rather than really standing out. And two, your showroom probably doesn’t have a lot of color or flair, which means it can make for sort of a bland photo backdrop.

We recommend going somewhere with a little background color—ideally a scenic, outdoor location with some attention-grabbing greenery or piercing blue sky in the distance.

Capture All the Essential Features

You don’t necessarily need 50 different photos, showcasing every square inch of the automobile. At the same time, you also don’t want to settle for one medium-distance, side-angle shot. You want a happy medium where you are highlighting some of the vehicle’s most attractive selling points.

For example, does the car you’re selling have a really sleek, fancy infotainment console? Get a picture! And is the spacious trunk one of its big selling points? Get a picture! Take plenty of snapshots so you can pick and choose the images that reflect the car at its very best.

Remember Your Lighting

A final tip: The right lighting can make all the difference between dull photos and really exciting ones. So, we recommend shooting during a time of day when you have the very best natural light.

And when is that? Most professional car photographers suggest either first thing in the morning or just before sunset. You want plenty of light, but you also want it to be as soft and as indirect as possible.

Don’t Overthink Your Photography

These quick points can help you ensure the best car images possible—but really, most of this is pretty self-evident. Get lots of good images in ideal lighting, and with a backdrop that pops with color. At the same time, avoid getting caught up on technicalities, like what equipment to use. Truthfully, you can get amazing images simply by using your iPhone!

Always ensure good images for your Craigslist ads—and if you have any lingering questions about using Craigslist effectively, contact our automotive marketing experts right away.