5 Ways to Make Your Used Car Blog More Effective

5 Ways to Make Your Used Car Blog More Effective GetMyAuto

One way for used car dealerships to connect with their buyers is to engage in regular blogging. Not all used car blogs are created equal, however, and it’s important to be strategic, ensuring your blogging efforts produce some real, bottom-line value.

In this post, we’ll share five quick tips for making your used car blog more effective.

Get the Most Out of Your Dealership Blog

  1. Write with your audience in mind. This is perhaps the most significant tip of them all: When writing a used car blog, it’s vital that you choose topics that are helpful to your audience. Avoid making the blog too promotional, or too industry-insider. Instead, focus on practical tips and guidance for used car buyers—tips on vehicle financing, maintenance, cleaning, and more. For your blog to be effective, you have to pick topics that your readers will want to learn more about, and maybe even share with their friends.
  2. Format your blog properly. It’s also important to design your blog posts in such a way that they are easy to read. This means using numbered lists and bullet points when appropriate. It means keeping your paragraphs short, and including plenty of white space. And, it means using section sub-headings to guide the reader through the post.
  3. Don’t forget SEO! While you ultimately want to write blog posts with human readers in mind, there’s still room for you to accommodate the search algorithms. Ensure your writing feels natural and readable, but work in some keywords whenever you can—especially in your blog titles and section subheadings. Geographically-specific keywords are especially valuable.
  4. Promote your posts. You can’t just write a blog post and then leave it at that. Spread the word! Get people interested! There are plenty of channels available to you for sharing your blog content, including social media, your email list, and more.
  5. Track your results. Hopefully, you’ve got a dashboard in place to check your website analytics—and in particular, to keep an eye on how your blog posts perform. Pay special attention to the topics that seem to generate the most traffic, and use that information to craft future posts. Also, when you have a post that seems “hot,” that’s a good reason to really ramp up your social sharing efforts.

Step Up Your Dealership Blogging Efforts Today

A final note: Blogging is most effective when it’s done as part of a more integrated dealership marketing strategy—and that’s something Get My Auto can help with.

Contact us today to learn how blogging can play a role in growing your used car dealership.