Your Dealership Should Be Blogging. Here’s Why.

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There are many used car dealerships in the world, and consumers are nothing if not overwhelmed with options. The question for dealers, then, is simply this: How does your used car business stand out from the rest? What can you do to become the dealership of choice among consumers in your area?

One option is to start a dealership blog. Blogging is a key way for small businesses to communicate with their consumers, conveying their authority, showcasing their knowledge, and building trust. A good blog will establish you as a dealership with the resources—and the intention—of helping consumers make smart, savvy purchases.

But isn’t blogging expensive?

A common objection to this is that blogging is expensive—but actually, there are plenty of blogging platforms, like WordPress, that are free, and even if you hire a developer to add a blog to your existing website, that’s a relatively small expense, and a potentially significant investment in consumer outreach.

Shouldn’t we be investing in SEO, though?

Another common objection to a blogging initiative is that it takes resources from other key projects, such as search engine optimization—but actually, this is misguided: A regularly updated blog, which provides recurring fresh content to Google’s algorithms, can be one of the very best tools you have for optimizing your search engine rankings. In a real way, an investment in blogging is an investment in SEO.

What about Facebook and Twitter?

You may already be spending time creating content for social media channels, and the thought of adding a regular blog to your schedule may seem daunting—but again, this is misguided. The truth is that a blog will furnish you with new content that you can use as social media fodder; you can share blog posts on Facebook and Twitter to get more views and increase engagement. All of these tools should really be understood as separate parts of an integrative marketing approach.

What can I blog about, though?

As far as the content of your blog is concerned, the best approach is to use it not as a sales platform per se, but as a way to inform, educate, and guide your buyers. Share information about how they can look for financing, how they can inspect a new vehicle thoroughly, the advantages of buying used, and more. Keep tabs on common questions you receive from customers, and address them in blog posts.

But none of my direct competitors have blogs!

That may well be the case—and it’s all the more reason for you to invest in one for your dealership! Stand out from the crowd! Turn your dealership into a one-stop-shop for used car knowledge and expertise.

The bottom line for dealerships is that a blog can be a powerful tool for connecting with consumers—and though you won’t see results overnight, a commitment to blog development and promotion can prove a wise use of your time and money. Consider launching your own blog today!

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