5 Simple Ways to Improve Your SEO Today

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your SEO Today GetMyAuto

Auto dealers can’t afford to ignore search engine optimization (SEO), which can spell the difference between being highly visible to online consumers versus being virtually invisible. The question is, what are some practical things you can do to step up your SEO game? There are limitless possibilities, but today we’ll focus on five small steps you can implement right here and now.

Optimize All the Right Areas

First, note that on-page optimization is key. That means including your target keywords, including geographically specific keywords, in all the appropriate areas.

And what are those areas, exactly? Some of the main ones:

  • Your meta descriptions
  • Your titles
  • Within the body of your content, especially the first paragraph

Take just a few minutes to review these key areas, and organically weave in some keywords where needed.

Run a Speed Test

It’s important to have a website that loads quickly—partly because it offers a better customer experience, but partly because Google mandates it. Without a fast loading time, your site could incur search engine penalties.

So how can you tell if your site is performing optimally? Use Google’s Speed Test tool, or simply check your site manually on a few different browsers and devices.

If it takes you more than three seconds or so to load the site, you may want to look into resolving your performance issues.

Create a Google My Business Page

You’ll absolutely want to have a Google My Business page, if you don’t have one already. This free resource can offer a big boost to your local SEO visibility, and it just takes a few minutes to set one up.

Remember to:

  • Include target keywords
  • Provide detailed, benefits-oriented descriptions for your services
  • Include your NAP information—name, address, phone number—just the way it’s listed on your dealership website

Generate Reviews

Online reviews—especially Google reviews—are critical SEO ranking factors. If you can up your review count, it will only serve to enhance your online visibility.

So how can you generate more reviews? One quick and easy method is to draft an email to some of your recurring/loyal customers, and simply ask them to leave you some quick feedback. Stress that high scores will be really helpful for your dealership. And make sure you include a link to your review profiles!

Do Some Social Sharing

Did you know that sharing your website content on Facebook and Twitter can also help with your SEO? In particular, it can be helpful to share company blog posts or other resources that users might find informative and helpful. And again, this just takes a minute!

There are some bigger, more complex SEO undertakings you might consider, as well—but we’ll save those for another day. For now, do something to boost your website visibility—and if you have any additional questions, reach out to Get My Auto today!