Does Your Dealership Get Positive Online Reviews?


Online reputation management is one of the most frequently overlooked marketing activities, particularly among independent auto dealers. It’s also one of the most important. Simply put, today’s consumers do their homework. They compare various dealerships on the Web before they ever set foot in your showroom. What they find about your dealership, whether on Google or on a social media site, is what determines whether you’ll win their business—period.

The Importance of Online Reviews

So what can your dealership do to make a strong first impression? One proactive step you can take is to seek five-star online reviews. Consider that, when given the option between your dealership and a neighboring one, many buyers will look at reviews as the deciding factor; if you have a perfect score but the competition has a single star, you’ll likely win out. Of course, the inverse is also true.

The question is, how can you amass positive scores and rave reviews for your auto dealership—on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and beyond?

Getting Good Reviews for Your Dealership

Here are a few strategies we recommend:

Monitor your reviews. Know where people are leaving feedback for your dealership, and make sure you check in every day or two to see if any new ones have come in. Awareness is the first step!

Respond to reviews. When you receive positive feedback, offer a quick word of thanks. When you receive criticism, try your best to offer customer service. See what you can do to make things right, without letting yourself get heated or angry.

Ask for reviews. Send emails to your best, most loyal customers—repeat buyers—and ask them if they will help you out by leaving you a quick, five-star review. Be candid about how much it matters to you. You can even offer an incentive, like a $5 Starbucks gift card, for everyone who leaves a review.

Post your reviews. Make sure people who want to leave you reviews can do so with great ease. Post a link to your Google or Facebook reviews from your dealership website. Consider embedding a link in email signatures, too.

Provide superior service. Ultimately, the best way to win good reviews is to provide each customer with a positive experience—and to gently remind them of how much you covet their honest feedback.

Are You Protecting Your Dealership’s Reputation?

Reviews aren’t just matters of personal vanity. They can have a big, bottom-line impact on your dealership, precisely because they shape consumer perceptions. Taking a proactive approach to online reviews is crucial.

It’s also part of the bigger picture of dealership marketing—something Get My Auto knows a thing or two about. We’d love to help you develop and implement a robust, multi-faceted online marketing strategy for your dealership, one that encompasses reviews and so much more. Start the process by contacting Get My Auto today.