Automotive Internet Marketing Tips

In marketing, it’s vital to go where your customers are. That’s the oldest rule in the book, and it’s as true today as it’s ever been. If you want to get people to buy your product, you’ve got to connect with them, which means meeting them where they are. And in this day and age, that means being highly visible on social media, on search engine results pages, and even on review sites.

What does this mean for used car dealerships? What it means is that bringing buyers to your lot will require you to go looking for them on the Web, and to position your dealership there as a trustworthy and reputable source of used car knowledge.

In other words, used car dealerships have to master some of the basics of Internet marketing—and we can show you how.

Internet Marketing Strategies for Car Dealers

Here are some of the fundamental Internet marketing strategies we’d recommend to dealerships.

Place calls to action anywhere you can. Every page of your website should have a call to action—an invitation for people to call you, or a form they can fill out to join your email list. Include calls to action on your social media profiles, too. Make sure you’re actively seeking to capture those leads that come your way.

Keep your social media pages current. A stagnant or seldom-updated social media page makes it look like your dealership isn’t even in business anymore. You should post new content at least once per day—photos of new inventory, video interviews with staff members, company blog posts, informative articles from other websites, and information about ongoing promotions or discounts.

Be mindful of online review sites. Your dealership will likely receive feedback at online review sites, including Facebook and Google. It’s critical to have as many positive reviews as you can. Send emails to loyal customers and ask them to provide you with feedback. If you get a bad review, consider anything you can do to make it right for that consumer.

Offer special online discounts. Give consumers a reason to check your website often. Provide specials coupons that are only available to people who visit your site.

Make local SEO a priority. If you want to appear in search engine queries, you need to emphasize local SEO—which means getting links in online directories, having your contact information displayed on every page of your website, and more. Talk with a good Internet marketing company for more tips.

Don’t forget video! Video marketing has never been more important, as any Internet marketing firm will tell you. A short YouTube video, filled with valuable information about car buying or auto maintenance, can be a great way of drawing in new customers.

Hire an Internet Marketing Service

If you need help taking your Internet marketing strategies to the next level, give Get My Auto a call. We love working with car dealerships, and would love to help you make your dealership more successful over the Web.