Writing Strong Meta Descriptions for Your Dealership Website

Writing Strong Meta Descriptions for Your Dealership Website GetMyAuto

When it comes to promoting your dealership website, it’s important to leave no stone unturned. Take advantage of every SEO opportunity that’s available to you—including such seemingly minor ones as meta descriptions.

What are Meta Descriptions?

What is a meta description, exactly? When you’re on a Google search results page, you’ll notice that each blue hyperlink is accompanied by a short sentence or two, describing what the page is about. That’s the meta description, and it’s an important way to augment your Web page.

Indeed, though meta descriptions are not considered to be primary SEO ranking factors, they do function as mini-ads for your website—and a good meta description will coax users to click through to your dealership’s online content.

Using Meta Descriptions Effectively

So how can you really take advantage of your meta descriptions, using them for all they’re worth? Here are just a few tips from Get My Auto’s marketing experts.

  • Make each meta description original. It’s important not to have a standard “boilerplate” that you use for every page of your website. Each one should be different, and speak to the specific value found on that page.
  • Keep it brief. Google recently increased the meta description character count from 160 to 320. Keep your content somewhere in that range, and remember that brevity is generally a positive. You have just a moment to get the reader’s attention, so get to the point!
  • Use keywords. Your meta descriptions are great places to insert SEO keywords. Our only advice here is to make sure the text still reads naturally. Don’t overload your keywords to the point where it’s just gibberish. One or two organically-used keywords should be fine.
  • Include the name of your dealership. Not only is your meta description a great place for SEO keywords—it’s also a great place for branding! Use each meta description to promote the name of your dealership.
  • Add a call to action. A quick call to action, inviting the reader to click through and learn more about your company, can make your meta description far more compelling and effective.
  • Make your copy as specific as you can. If you’re writing a meta description for a page about used BMWs, list some of the specific models, or at the very least mention BMW. Generic copy about “used cars” won’t be as effective.

Write a Meta Description for Every Page

Every page of your dealership website should be optimized with a meta description—but how exactly do you add this important information? That’s where Get My Auto can help.

We’re the experts in used car dealership marketing, and we know what’s required to make your dealership website a success. For help with site design, copywriting, meta descriptions, or anything else, reach out to the Get My Auto team directly.