Designing Effective Landing Pages for Your Dealership

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Landing pages can be invaluable to your dealership’s digital marketing approach—yet all too often, these key pieces of online real estate are underutilized, if not altogether ignored.

Maybe you’ve never even heard of a landing page. Basically, it’s a Web page that’s highly targeted to get the user to take one specific action—buying a particular product, signing up for an email newsletter, downloading an e-book, or something similar.

Dealerships often use landing pages to capture leads from Craigslist or from a Facebook ad. Say a user clicks on a listing regarding used BMWs. You might direct them to a landing page that’s all about BMWs, as opposed to your main company home page. This is an effective way to guide traffic through your sales funnel without losing those leads.

But not all landing pages are created equal; the question is, how can you make yours as effective as possible? Here are a few landing page design tips for every used car dealership to keep in mind.

Designing Landing Pages for Your Used Car Dealership

  • Get right to the point. Remember that a landing page is meant to be highly focused and action-oriented—so there’s no need to beat around the bush. The mere fact that you attracted users to the page means you’ve won their attention. Keep your landing page brief and devoid of fluff.
  • Design for readability. The best landing pages have short sentences, short paragraphs, bullet points (whenever appropriate), and minimal distractions. A few good product images can be helpful but avoid a page layout that’s too cluttered.
  • Minimize choices. An effective landing page encourages the reader to take one specific action. Avoid laying out too many options—calling, emailing, looking at other vehicles, etc. Focus on the one primary thing you want users to do.
  • Don’t provide too many navigational options, either. Again, you want things to be streamlined and focused. Providing 10 different links, to different parts of your dealership website, will only dilute the effectiveness of your landing page.
  • Always include a strong call to action. Make it very clear how you want your reader to proceed. A good landing page will have at least one strong call to action, maybe even more. Try to include a good CTA above the fold, too—that is, make it visible without the user having to scroll down.
  • Focus on benefits. As for the content of your landing page, always ask: What’s in it for your customer? Detail some of the top benefits of the service or product in question. Again, avoid fluff—just get to the good stuff!

Market Your Dealership Effectively

Landing pages can be valuable additions to any dealership marketing strategy—empowering you to appeal to buyers at varying stages of the sales funnel. Learn more about the proper landing page construction, and about dealership marketing more broadly. Reach out to the automotive marketing experts at Get My Auto today!