Choosing the Best Keywords to Market Your Dealership

Choosing the Best Keywords to Market Your Dealership

Keywords are an important part of digital marketing. They help tell the search engine algorithms how to classify your content, and they also provide a kind of shorthand, allowing you to quickly let readers know what that content is about.

There are numerous uses of keywords, which can lend structure to your writing and also help optimize it for the search engines. What can be challenging is selecting the right keywords for your dealership marketing efforts.

Keyword research is a big topic, and we can’t offer all the secrets here—but we can offer three basic considerations to make as you choose keywords for your marketing campaign.

Think Like Your Buyers

First and foremost, good keywords should reflect the words and phrases your potential buyers will use when conducting online searches.

In other words, you don’t want to get technical, or to use a lot of industry jargon. Instead, you want to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If you were searching for information about a local used car dealership, what words or phrases would you type into Google? Ultimately, those are the words and phrases you should be using in your dealership marketing.

Add Qualifiers

To expand on that last point, consider that many search engine users are going to use qualifiers in their queries—which means you should be using qualifiers in your keywords.

What do we mean by qualifiers? We mean phrases such as these:

  • Best used car dealership
  • Most used cars
  • Cheapest pickup trucks
  • Safest family cars

These qualifiers can help you make your keyword phrases more specific to how your buyers are actually seeking information.

Get Local

Finally, remember to include some localized keywords in your content.

Remember that local buyers are really the people you need to reach. If your used car dealership is based in Los Angeles, it probably doesn’t do you much good to attract search engine users who live in Boston.

No, you want your content to show up in local searches—and the way to do that is to insert a few geographically-specific keywords into your online content. Some examples include:

  • Best Orange County used cars
  • Top dealership in San Diego
  • Cheap used cars in Riverside CA

These are just a few examples of how you can add a geographic tag to your keywords, ensuring they show up in the most relevant searches.

With these tips in mind, you can be more strategic in the keywords you use while marketing your dealership. Remember to employ keywords judiciously; you still want the writing to come across as natural and readable.

To learn more about the best strategies for marketing a used car dealership, contact the automotive marketing experts at Get My Auto today.