3 Drawbacks to Facebook Ads (And 2 Alternatives)

3 Drawbacks to Facebook Ads (And 2 Alternatives) GetMyAuto

For years, Facebook Ads has been one of the most valuable platforms for independent auto dealers looking to connect with their target audience. Now, that may be starting to change. While Facebook Ads remains a highly effective platform, it’s also growing steadily more expensive, and some of its key features have become more limited. It’s still worth considering, but in this post we’re going to highlight some important drawbacks… and, some good alternatives.

3 Reasons to Be Wary of Facebook Ads

To begin with, here are three of the main reasons why we feel like Facebook Ads isn’t quite the slam dunk it used to be.

  1. Supply’s stagnant, but demand is increasing. For starters, there’s simple economics: Facebook’s growth has plateaued, which means the ad inventory isn’t really increasing, yet more and more advertisers are trying to get in on the action. The upshot is that Facebook Ads is more competitive than ever, and thus more expensive.
  2. Targeting options are limited. Independent auto dealers have long flocked to Facebook Ads because of the various ways it allows them to zero in on their core audience; thanks to ongoing privacy concerns, however, Facebook no longer offers quite as many data-driven targeting options as they did in years past.
  3. Facebook’s algorithms have changed. Finally, note that Facebook changed its algorithms earlier this year, prioritizing status updates from friends and family while deprioritizing branded posts. This has made brands all the more eager to pony up for paid ad space, as it’s so much harder to break through with organic content. Again, supply and demand; it’s never been pricier to buy ads on Facebook.

Now none of this is to suggest that advertising on Facebook is a bad idea. It can still be an effective solution for independent dealerships. However, it’s important to be knowledgeable about some of the drawbacks present… and, about some of the valuable alternatives.

2 Alternatives to Facebook Ads

Indeed, for independent dealers who want to capture a logged-in, engaged audience without having to pay the high prices of Facebook Ads, we can think of two strong alternatives.

  1. Email. Email maketing remains the most cost-effective way to directly reach out to your target audience.
  2. Craigslist. Additionally, we highly recommend that used car dealerships use Craigslist to promote their inventory, and to reach out to local buyers who are eager to find their next vehicle.

Whether you are looking to replace Facebook Ads or simply augment it, these two options are well worth considering.

Learn More About How to Advertise Your Dealership on the Web

As you weigh your options for promoting your independent used car dealership, keep Get My Auto in mind. In particular, we have a number of software solutions that can help you automate your outreach and build an audience as cost-effectively as possible.

We would love to talk with you further about the best ways of promoting your used car dealership. Contact Get My Auto at your next convenience.