5 Things That Improve Your Dealership SEO

5 Things That Improve Your Dealership SEO GetMyAuto

user experienceWhen it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), virtually all businesses have the same goal: To achieve a high level of visibility among local consumers, and to ensure they can be easily found by those who are seeking their products and services.

That’s certainly true for used car dealerships—and luckily, there are a number of opportunities for dealerships looking to enhance their SEO game. Here are five things that can make your dealer website more visible on the Web.

5 Factors That Help Your SEO

Original Content

Recent updates to the Google Core algorithm have made it clearer than ever before: Google’s engineers really want to reward sites that have authentic and original content.

Does your dealership website repurpose all its content from the manufacturer, or use duplicate content on different pages? Both are common tactics, and both can hamper your ability to achieve high visibility. Original content is vital for search engine success!


Something else that helps you achieve superlative rankings? A website that loads quickly.

This has everything to do with the user experience. Your buyers don’t want to wait around for half a minute while your page populates with big, bandwidth-hogging images or videos. If your site takes longer than three or four seconds to load, it’s worth looking for some opportunities to speed it along.

Strong Meta Data

There are several areas where you can add “meta data” to your website, telling both the search algorithms and your actual readers what the site’s all about.

The meta title and meta description are especially noteworthy. Provide good, descriptive information, including keywords. This helps Google know how to classify your content.

Local Contact Information

Google also looks to your contact information to know how to classify your content—and specifically, your physical address and your phone number with local area code.

Include this information on every page of your dealer website!


Yes, this is one of the oldest SEO techniques in the book… and no, keywords probably aren’t quite as central as they used to be. You should still use them when appropriate, however. Our recommendation is to be judicious and employ keywords naturally; use them when you can, but not if it makes your content sound repetitive or robotic.

There are a few places where keywords can have an especially seismic impact—including:

  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Page heading and subheadings
  • Organically throughout your text

Get a Dealer Website That Does its Job

A good dealer website will accomplish several things, including building your brand and generating leads. Most foundational of all is its SEO function. Simply put, your website isn’t much good if nobody can find it!

One way you can ensure a good dealer website is by having it made with the Get My Auto SaaS platform, which we’ve designed with used car dealers in mind. We’d love to tell you more about how our platform can help you generate strong search engine results. Contact us to learn more.