Don’t Overlook These 6 On-Site SEO Factors

Don’t Overlook These 6 On-Site SEO Factors GetMyAuto

There’s nothing simple about achieving robust SEO rankings for your dealer website. On the contrary, there’s a multitude of ranking factors to consider as you seek visibility on the SERPs. Those factors range from on-site to off-site components, and they are so numerous that it’s frankly easy to overlook even the basics.

Today, we’re going to highlight six of the most critical on-site SEO ranking factors—those things that pertain to the architecture and content of your dealership website and are therefore totally in your control. All of these are important for achieving Google traction, so make sure you’re not skipping over them!

6 On-Site SEO Factors to Keep in Mind

  1. A meta title. Also called an SEO title, this is the text that appears at the top of the search bar. It provides both the reader and the search algorithms with a basic sense of what your page is all about. Don’t forget to fill in this important field! If possible, include an SEO keyword. Remember, though, to keep it brief; Google will cut you off after about 55 characters.
  2. A meta description. This is the other essential piece of meta data for you to fill in. It is a brief description of your site content, which is important for informing both the algorithms and readers what they can expect from your content. Again, there are some crucial components to include—a keyword or two, a call to action, and substantive information about what your site is about.
  3. Heading. At the top of each page of your website, you should have an H1 tag—basically, a headline that grabs the reader’s attention. And yes, you guessed it: You’ll want to include one of your target keywords when you can!
  4. Subheadings. One of the most important aspects of SEO is user experience. Simply put, you want your page to be helpful to readers and to those who just skim it for bullet points. To that end, you’ll want to break up long stretches of written content with clearly defined section subheadings. And yes… keywords!
  5. Contact information. Every page of your dealership website should include a call to action at the bottom… and that call to action should include an easy way to get in touch with your dealership. A phone number, complete with area code, is actually a big factor in local SEO rankings.
  6. Compelling content. Finally, remember that you’re not just making your site to please the algorithms. You’re making it for human beings, and that means filling each page with unique, relevant, and value-added content about your dealership, your inventory, and your services.

Does Your Website Get the SEO Right?

For your dealership website to be effective, you need to get the SEO right—and these simple on-site factors are a good place to start.

If you’re looking to step up your website presence or improve your SEO game, reach out to Get My Auto. We’d love to tell you more about our dealer website services and broader SaaS packages!