Writing Stronger CTAs for Your Used Car Dealership

Writing Stronger CTAs for Your Used Car Dealership GetMyAuto

Every piece of marketing collateral you create for your dealership should end with a call to action, or a CTA. This brief snippet of text exhorts the reader to take the next step, whether that means signing up for your email newsletter, calling your dealership to make an appointment, or simply heading down to your showroom to see some cars.

The importance of a CTA can’t be overstated. You can’t just assume that people will know what action you want and then do it; you have to lay it out for them, and give them a little push in the right direction.

It’s also worth noting that not all CTAs are created equal—so how can you ensure that yours gets results? Here are a few tips to consider.

Focus on Value

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in CTA writing is assuming that it’s all about your dealership.

Actually, it’s all about your customer: What’s in it for them? What benefit can they expect to receive when they take the desired action?

Consider some examples. Say you use this as your CTA: Sign up for our email newsletter to learn more about our dealership. This isn’t a terrible CTA, but it does assume that people want to learn more about your dealership—and frankly, a lot of folks probably don’t care.

Instead, try: Sign up for our email newsletter to receive updates on the latest cars, sales, and promotions. Now this is a CTA that conveys real benefit to the reader—and as such, it’s much more persuasive.

Stay Short and Simple

A good call to action doesn’t need to ramble on for paragraph after paragraph. In fact, you’ll generally want to keep them punchy—a sentence or two is all you should need.

One important way to keep your CTAs brief is to streamline them, avoiding the temptation to give your reader too many options. Asking them to call and email and like your dealership’s Facebook page will probably result in the reader doing nothing. Give them one and only one task to complete. Each CTA should have a singular “mission,” and your job is to avoid overcomplicating it.

Remember Who You Are

One final tip for writing strong CTAs: Remember to use them to further your dealership branding.

For instance, maybe the entire identity of your dealership is in offering affordable options for families. Your CTA can reflect that. Consider: Find great deals on family vehicles by visiting our showroom today!

The point is, your calls to action provide you with an important opportunity to sell buyers on your inventory—but also on your dealership itself. Take advantage of these opportunities—and if you’d like to learn more about CTA mastery, call Get My Auto’s marketing professionals today!