How Used Car Dealerships Can Get Ready for the Holidays

How Used Car Dealerships Can Get Ready for the Holidays GetMyAuto

For many businesses, the holiday shopping season presents a prime opportunity to boost sales—and used car dealerships are no exception.

Many consumers, aware that dealerships need to hit certain sales quotas, save their new auto purchase for year’s end, hoping to get a sweet deal.

You can use that to your advantage, turning the holiday shopping season into a blowout for your dealership.

To make that happen, you’ll need to do some strategic marketing—and the time to launch those marketing efforts is now! Here are some preliminary preparations we recommend for dealerships looking to get holiday-ready.

Plan Your Promotions

Before you do anything else, just make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Sit down with a calendar and decide which sales/promos/special offers you’re going to run this holiday season, and plan the dates for each of these deals.

Remember, prior to beginning a promotion, you need to know what you’re promoting—which makes this step critical!

Create Emails

One of the best things you can do to get buyers to your lot this holiday season is to send out an email blast, making potential customers aware of the promos you’re running.

You may not be quite ready to send out those emails, but you can go ahead and create the emails. After all, email marketing can take time—writing copy, choosing a template, segmenting your list, etc.—so you don’t want to save it for the last minute. Get a jump start on it today.

Develop Content

Along the same lines, you can get a jump start on content creation.

What kind of marketing collateral will you need to augment your seasonal promotions? Blog posts? Website banners? Infographics? Buyer guides to post on your dealership website? Again, creating these assets can take time, and you’ll probably have enough on your plate come Thanksgiving. Start developing some of your content today.

Make Website Updates

Finally, consider whether the holiday season brings any need for website updates. It may be something as simple as posting your holiday hours or closings. You might also think about adding festive graphics to your home page, or simply posting a nice holiday note from your team.

Whatever updates your website calls for, start brainstorming them today, before the busyness of the holidays really sets in.

The Holidays Will Be Here Soon

The holidays present your dealership with some valuable marketing opportunities—and they’ll be here before you know it.

The time to get ready is now. For help generating some seasonal marketing ideas, reach out to the experts at Get My Auto today!