Formatting Your Dealership’s Online Content

Formatting Your Dealership’s Online Content GetMyAuto

Through engaging online content, such as blog posts and white papers, your dealership can connect with its target audience, provide them with valuable information, earn trust, and establish thought leadership.

But there’s more to an effective content marketing campaign than you might think. It’s not just about providing good, well-written information—though that’s certainly key!

It’s also important to format your content in a way that’s easy to read—by users on any browser and on any kind of device.

But what does well-formatted online content actually look like? Here are a few tips from the automotive marketing experts at Get My Auto.

Make Use of White Space

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your content has plenty of white space around it. Consider this: If you just post one huge, unbroken paragraph of text—cramming words into every square inch of your screen—that doesn’t make it any easier to read. Actually, it can kind of be a headache!

Make sure you write relatively short paragraphs. Include some space around section sub-headings and ensure some white space along the margin. Basically, make sure that your content isn’t too busy-looking.

Take Advantage of Lists

A good rule of thumb is that your content should always be easy to skim; remember that online attention spans are generally pretty short, and you need to keep people engaged even if they don’t put their eyes on every word.

A good way to make your content more skim-able? Use bullet points and numbered lists whenever you can. Now, you may have content where this just doesn’t work out, and that’s fine. You don’t have to force bullet points. But if you can use them, do.

Section Off Your Content

One more way you can make your content easier to read is to make sure it has a clear sense of flow. Make sure it unfolds logically, and that you include sub-sections to encompass unique topics.

As you begin a new section, include a sub-heading. Not only do these section subheadings help the skimmers, but they also provide you with some valuable opportunities to include SEO keywords!

For an example of good content sectioning, just take note of the subheadings and distinct sections we’ve used in this post!

Pulling it All Together

It goes without saying that your content should also be mobile-optimized, ensuring it can be easily read on any kind of browser or device. If you don’t have a responsive website, that’s something to address with your development team ASAP!

And if you have any further questions about correctly deploying content on your dealership’s behalf, we’d love to answer. Reach out to the automotive marketing experts at Get My Auto at your next convenience.

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