4 Ways to Generate More Leads with Your Craigslist Ads

4 Ways to Generate More Leads with Your Craigslist Ads GetMyAuto

Today’s used car dealerships are increasingly keen on posting their inventory to Craigslist—and it’s not difficult to understand why. Craigslist is inarguably the best place to connect with highly motivated local buyers. Studies confirm that the people shopping on Craigslist are:

  • More likely to buy;
  • More likely to buy sooner as opposed to later;
  • More likely to spend more money on their purchase.

You’d be crazy not to take advantage of this audience. The question is how. In this post, we’re going to share some basic strategies for using Craigslist to generate more leads for your dealership.

Generating More Leads Through Your Craigslist Ads

1. Include the basics.

This may sound obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many Craigslist ads skimp on the key stats—make, model, mileage, and a brief rundown of the vehicle’s key features. Buyers should be able to skim your ad and immediately know whether or not it’s the vehicle they’re looking for. Also, note that overlooking these key data points makes it look like you’re hiding something, or trying to be sneaky. It can undercut whatever trust buyers are willing to afford you.

2. Brand your dealership, too.

The goal of your Craigslist ad isn’t just to convince people to buy a used Toyota Avalon, Honda Civic, or Chevy Equinox. It’s to convince them to buy it from you. To that end, it’s worth it to put a little dealership branding in your ads. Just provide a quick rundown of your value proposition—better prices, better customer service, or whatever else. And if you’ve won any awards or accolades, list those as well! Again, think in terms of earning the buyers’ trust.

3. Pick photos that grab attention.

Craigslist is littered with mundane automobile pics that can all run together. Do something to make yours stand out. Our advice? Take your car photos somewhere beyond your showroom or your lot—ideally somewhere with some good natural lighting and greenery. If there is a local park or greenway you can use as a backdrop, that’s usually best.

4. Keep everything readable.

Nothing is more maddening to your buyers than a Craigslist ad that’s written in all caps, or in huge blocks of unbroken text. Remember to use proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization, and to format in a way that doesn’t induce a headache! Don’t underestimate the number of shoppers who will simply scroll right past your ad if it looks like a mess.

Using Craigslist to Grow Your Dealership

Craigslist can be an invaluable tool for drawing buyers to your dealership—but that’s not going to happen by accident. It only happens when you have the right strategy in place.

That’s something we’d love to help you with. Reach out to Get My Auto today to learn more; we’re here to help dealerships reach their fullest potential! Contact Get My Auto today and ask us about the best Craigslist strategies.