4 Ways for Your Dealership to Get Better Google Reviews

4 Ways for Your Dealership to Get Better Google Reviews GetMyAuto

Has your used car dealership been reviewed on Google? If it hasn’t yet, it likely will be; Google reviews are an increasingly popular way for consumers to let each other know about their experiences with local businesses. As such, your dealership’s Google reviews may have a big impact on how potential buyers perceive your business. And, Google reviews can impact your SEO rankings, too, potentially making it easier for local buyers to discover your business.

But what happens if you’re not scoring those reviews? Or, if the reviews you’re getting aren’t quite as laudatory as you might like? Here are a few practical approaches to getting more Google reviews for your dealership.

How to Obtain More Google Reviews

Ask for them.

The single best way to get reviews is to ask for them directly. Don’t hesitate to let your buyers know how much you welcome their feedback; at the conclusion of a sales transaction, provide them with a link to your Google page or simply with a small card reminding them to leave a rating and a comment. Another approach is to email your faithful buyers and solicit their reviews directly.

Respond to them.

Another way you can get more reviews coming in is to take the time to respond to the ones you do receive. Sometimes, this may mean interacting with a customer whose experience was less than satisfactory. This can be challenging, but just try to be polite and offer some great customer service. If you can show buyers that you actually take the time to read and respond to reviews, and that the feedback you receive isn’t falling on deaf ears, that may encourage your buyer to offer up some comments of their own.

Express gratitude.

What about the positive reviews you receive? Our advice is to offer a simple word of thanks. In fact, we’d recommend taking the time to thank everyone who leaves your dealership a Google review. Again, the best way to obtain more reviews is to show your buyers that you actually care, and that their comments won’t disappear into the void.

Make it easy.

Finally, remember that, if you want anyone to leave your dealership a review, you’ve got to make it easy for them to do so. Specifically, provide a hyperlink on your company website and on social media pages. Post signs in your dealership, reminding your buyers that they can find you on Google. Keep it at the forefront of their minds.

Your Dealership Needs Reviews

Ultimately, it’s a good strategy to try to beef up your review count; the more reviews you can get, the more trust you can build, and the more SEO traction you can muster.

Do you have questions about Google reviews? Or about other aspects of effective dealership marketing? We’d love to talk with you. Reach out to Get My Auto at your next opportunity or explore our range of dealer marketing solutions.