4 UX Factors for Your Dealership to Consider

4 UX Factors for Your Dealership to Consider GetMyAuto

The term user experience, or UX, describes the ease with which a visitor to your website can find the information they’re looking for; in short, it’s a measure of how welcome your website visitors feel. Positive UX not only helps you facilitate conversions, but it can also be an important SEO ranking signal. The question is, where can independent used car dealerships get started enhancing UX?

Here are four particular factors to consider, via Get My Auto’s Web development team.

Key UX Factors for Used Car Websites


First, there’s the question of speed. Simply put, how long does it take for your entire website to load?

As you aim to provide your users with a positive experience and enable them to find the desired information with minimal inconvenience, it’s critical that your site is quick and nimble.
In fact, we’d recommend keeping your total loading time to no more than three or four seconds.

Mobile Responsiveness

Another important UX consideration is mobile-first design. Is your used car dealership website made to be easily viewable on phones and tablets, not just desktop computers? Can your target buyers quickly find what they’re looking for on the page, without having to do a lot of pinching, zooming, or scrolling?

Double and triple check that your used car website is made to be accessible from all kinds of devices and all different browsers. Remember that a majority of your traffic is probably going to be mobile, so you don’t want to put these visitors at a disadvantage.


Another important concept is readability. Is the content on your website laid out and formatted in a way that makes it easy for people to skim and locate what they’re looking for?

What you want to avoid is having a big block of unbroken text on your home page. Instead, make sure you give the reader some white space, some breathing room. Specifically, we recommend using:

  • Bullet points
  • Lists
  • Short sentences and paragraphs
  • Clear section headings and subheadings
  • Colors and fonts that emphasize visibility

Remember, it’s not enough to have the right content; the right formatting is just as crucial from a UX perspective.

Calls to Action

Finally, it’s important that your independent dealer website have a call to action on every page. Each CTA should give your visitor a simple invitation: Call for more details, fill out this form to schedule a test drive, sign up for our email list, etc.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong CTA, which helps guide the reader through your site and remind them of their ultimate destination.

Keep each CTA clear, short, and simple, offering just one step for the reader to take next.

More Questions About Website UX?

UX is a critical concept for independent auto dealers as they optimize and streamline their online content.

If you have any additional questions about putting UX first, reach out to the automotive marketing professionals at Get My Auto. We’re always happy to chat!