5 Ways to Improve Your Dealer Website UX

5 Ways to Improve Your Dealer Website UX GetMyAuto

When a buyer sets foot in your dealership, what do you do? If you’re a successful auto dealer, the answer is pretty simple: You roll out the red carpet! You help your guest feel at home. You give them every reason to feel comfortable purchasing a car from your showroom or lot.

The same attitude should inform your dealership website. Simply put, you want your virtual guests to feel just as welcome as your in-person ones. And that means ensuring a positive user experience, or UX.

UX is a topic of frequent conversation in marketing circles; it can have a big impact on your SEO as well as your conversion rates. But what practical steps can dealers take to step up their UX game?

Here are a few considerations.

5 Ways to Enhance UX

  1. Provide relevant content. Your website users are seeking information. They want to know more about your dealership, about a particular make or model, even about the used car buying process more generally. Make sure your website content provides them with the substance they are looking for. This might mean using buyer personas to map out exactly why people are visiting your site, then tweaking your content to reflect their questions or pain points.
  2. Ensure ease of navigation. Another important step is making sure that your website visitors can find what they’re looking for without a lot of hassle. Your website should be laid out in a way that’s intuitive; the flow from one page to the next should be logical, there should be a consistent navigation structure, and calls to action should help propel visitors along their journey.
  3. Design with mobile in mind. There’s no reason not to have a mobile-optimized site in 2019. Remember that many of your users (probably more than half) will be visiting the site from a phone or tablet. Double and triple check your site on a full range of device types and mobile browsers, ensuring it looks good across all platforms.
  4. Follow the stats. Ensuring positive UX requires you to keep an eye on website data and analytics. In particular, you’ll want to follow along with how people are finding your site; which pages seem to get attention, and which don’t. Use this data to better understand your audience and fine-tune your site accordingly.
  5. Test new things. Along the same lines, remember that website UX can always be improved. Experimenting with different calls to action, for example, may help you unlock new ways to engage your audience. Just make sure you track your results and always make data-backed decisions!

Improve Your Dealer Website Today

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