Driving Sales Through Website Design

Driving Sales Through Website Design GetMyAuto

It’s important for your dealership to have a well-designed website. Good website design helps with SEO rankings; it lends prestige to your brand; and it can actually help you generate more appointments, more calls, and more sales.

This last point warrants a second mention: Good website design can actually increase your dealership’s sales. The question is, are the elements of your dealership website doing their job, supporting your sales team?

How Website Design Supports Sales

There are a number of ways in which website design can help you drive sales—including the following.

  • Your color scheme. Believe it or not, psychologists have discovered that certain color combinations can impact readers’ response to your website. First, note that certain colors are troublesome for those who are colorblind—like red and green. Brown has been linked to low conversion rates, so you probably want to avoid it altogether. Generally, the best colors for conversions include blue, black, purple, and teal.
  • Calls to action. Every page of your website should have a call to action—period. People aren’t going to take action unless you tell them what action to take. Make sure your CTAs are quick, clear, simple, and loaded with strong action words. If you use call to action buttons, make sure they stand out as prominent within your website design template.
  • Navigation structure. The premise here is pretty simple: You want your readers to be able to locate the information they seek, without any confusion, hassle, or frustration. The best approach is to use your home page to link to a few broad-topic pages—and from those broader pages, link to some more specific/targeted ones.
  • Videos. Studies show that video can have a major impact on conversion rates, helping your dealership to come across as more relatable and trustworthy. Consider a video introduction to your page, or some brief demos/walk-throughs of your used car showroom.
  • Trust signs. If you want to increase sales, you first need to earn the trust of your website visitors. There are a number of ways your website can instill that sense of trust in your visitors—with testimonials from past customers; awards or accolades you’ve won; badges from online review sites, like Yelp; BBB logos; etc.
  • An uncluttered look. Finally, and generally, make sure your website has an unfussy appearance. This goes back to what we said about simple navigation, but it’s more than that. You want your website to appear professional—and that means keeping things neat, tidy, and straight to the point. All of that can help you facilitate conversions.

The bottom line for used car dealerships? Your website is one of your most important sales assets. Make sure it’s designed in a way that gets people calling, visiting, and buying. To learn more about building a conversion-oriented dealership website, reach out to the team at Get My Auto today.

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