5 Video Marketing Ideas That Will Help You Sell Cars

Most auto dealers are aware of the critical importance of video marketing. They’ve seen the statistics. They know fully well that the presence of video within the Facebook newsfeed has grown by 360 percent in the past couple of years. They know, too, that videos posted to social media sites get 135 percent more organic reach than photos or text. Even knowing these things, however, dealers are hesitant to create video content for their own social media accounts.

And there’s a simple reason for it: They don’t know where to start.

But if it’s ideas you need, we can provide them. Here are five video marketing concepts that have proven effective in auto sales. Try implementing some of these strategies in your own video marketing content!

Kickstart Your Dealership’s Video Marketing

Sneak Peaks

People like to feel like they’re among the first people to know something—so let them feel like they’re part of a secret. Provide quick video tours of the latest and greatest vehicles, and build anticipation for new inventory you’re getting in. Allow your social media followers to get the first glimpse of cool new cars and trucks.


Every dealership can post sales copy about how great and wonderful it is, but it’s far more meaningful to potential buyers to hear it from other buyers. Ask some of your satisfied customers if you can take a video of them offering their feedback, and post the ringing endorsements to social media.


Show off your knowledge, and provide actionable insights to your buyers! Create videos that center on practical guidance about vehicle maintenance, vehicle cleaning, etc. Empower your buyers to be better vehicle owners—and instill real trust in your dealership, to boot!


Film one of your sales reps simply walking through the showroom and talking off the cuff about some of the great cars you currently have in stock. Just offer a few words about each one. Show off the diversity of your inventory, and generate some interest in visiting the lot.

Behind the Scenes Footage

Roll back the curtain and let buyers see what life’s like at your dealership day-to-day! Interview sales reps, show off the company break room—in a word, humanize your dealership. Video is a great format for this.

Video Done Right

When done right, video marketing can be tremendously beneficial to your dealership. Use these ideas as launching points, but also brainstorm some content ideas of your own—and if you need an assist, don’t hesitate to call the digital marketing experts at Get My Auto today! We’re professionals in the automotive marketing sphere, and we know what it takes for dealerships to move inventory. Contact our team right away to begin the process.

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