How Your Dealership Can Leverage Video Marketing

The used car buying process has changed. These days, buyers don’t want to leave their home and venture down to your showroom unless they really have to—and if you can accommodate them, allowing them to at least start their shopping experience online, that will automatically give you a leg up on your less tech-savvy competitors.

One way to help buyers in this way is to use video marketing. Indeed, as consumers use the Web to do their research, video can be an excellent way to grab their attention and show off your inventory.

Or, as a recent article from Dealer Marketing puts it: “Video can be a great way to target potential buyers and, more importantly, it can take the showroom beyond the dealership and directly to the consumer.”

Using Video to Take Your Showroom to the Consumer

The article goes on to note that “52 percent of auto enthusiasts watch videos to evaluate vehicle performance, and 42 percent of shoppers search inventory on a dealership website as a result of watching online video. The takeaway? Video works when done right.”

The question is, how can you do video marketing right?

Focus on Value

One important point is that, by making video marketing collateral for your inventory, you have a chance to take consumers deep inside all the best features of your vehicles, without them actually having to leave their homes. So, instead of just giving rote sales pitches, you can show off elegant interior features, handsome exterior styling, under-the-hood features, safety add-ons, and more.

You can also make specific videos to tout the features that matter most to your audience. For example, if you’re trying to sell a minivan to a young mom, you might make a video that hinges on safety and convenience.

Provide Virtual Test Drives

Video marketing also enables your dealership to take the buyer on a virtual test drive. “Dealerships are now able to give drivers a feel for a car and its features without them ever having to step foot in the vehicle,” the Dealer Marketing article explains. “Additionally, virtual tours help give buyers a 360-degree view.”

The benefit to dealers is this: “With virtual test drives and tours, consumers discover what build, features, and color they are looking for before stepping inside the dealership.”

Take Your Videos Everywhere

A final point to make is that simply filming and posting a video isn’t enough; your dealership also needs to share its video content—and there is no better way to do so than through social media.

“Dealerships can use social media channels to showcase what the buyers want,” says Dealer Marketing. “These channels are able to target users with specific videos that are engineered to take advantage of the platform they appear on.”

Step Up Your Digital Marketing Game

And video represents just one way in which your dealership can improve its bottom line through savvy digital marketing. To learn more, we encourage you to contact us at Get My Auto today.