Dealerships Can Increase Leads & Sales with New Craigslist Wizard App

Craigslist is an excellent online marketplace for anyone looking to buy or sell a used vehicle—and that includes used car dealerships, not just private sellers. In fact, Craigslist is an invaluable sales hub and lead generation platform for used car dealerships in Orange County and beyond. There’s just one problem: Using Craigslist effectively can be challenging, especially for those who aren’t experienced with it. In fact, using the service incorrectly can result not just in lost leads and wasted time, but in your dealerships getting banned from Craigslist altogether!

But now, there is a simple and effective way for dealerships to have a strong presence on Craigslist—not just listing inventory and nurturing leads, but actually closing sales. It’s called Craigslist Wizard, and it’s an app developed by Get My Auto. Through standard-setting technology, the Craigslist Wizard app empowers dealerships to use Craigslist to its full effect.

How the App Works

There are some key features that Craigslist Wizard offers to dealerships, starting with Smart Post Technology. This guided template eliminates all the guesswork from Craigslist listings—and ensures that listings are shown on the first page of Craigslist search results longer. This visibility is essential for connecting with local buyers.

Craigslist Wizard also offers an Advanced Lead Tracking System—ensuring that your dealership never loses another lead. This is because each listing includes a textable number, and can be integrated with an existing CRM or email marketing system.

The Benefits of Craigslist Wizard

The bottom line: Craigslist Wizard empowers dealerships to help themselves, but also to help consumers. Dealerships using the Craigslist Wizard app can expect to see more leads, more appointments, and ultimately more sales. Thus, dealerships can help their buyers get into the cars and trucks of their dreams.

Plus, it’s incredibly simple and easy to use. Get My Auto’s team presents mastery of the Craigslist platform, in a format that is condensed and made intuitive, even to beginners. Dealerships can get all the benefits of Craigslist listings, without hassle or headache.

About Get My Auto

Orange County-based Get My Auto is a leading source of integrated digital marketing services for used car dealerships. The company helps dealerships move inventory and boost their bottom line, not just through Craigslist but also through Facebook, Instagram, and other key platforms. To learn more about Get My Auto or the Craigslist Wizard app, visit