Writing Used Car Descriptions on Craigslist


Craigslist can be a powerful lead generation tool for your used car dealership. In fact, it can be a robust sales hub, but only when you use it correctly. A big part of this is writing good vehicle descriptions to accompany each listing. You might think that pictures alone are sufficient, but they only tell part of the story. A written description is critical for enticing buyers, and helping them to feel confident buying the vehicle in question.

In this post, we’re going to outline a few of the cardinal rules of writing Craigslist descriptions—but remember: You can always use our Craigslist Wizard app, where the Smart Listing Technology feature will make this entire process easy and intuitive!

How to Write Effective Craigslist Descriptions

– The first and more important rule? Always include a description with each listing, period. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be amazed by how many dealerships don’t include written descriptions. Even if you think your pictures tell the full story, always include at least a few sentences of description.
– Second, always use the proper spelling and punctuation. Before anyone buys a car from you, they must develop trust in your professionalism—and a typo-laden description will only undermine that. Hire a professional proofreading service if need be, but make sure your written descriptions are correct.
– We would also recommend being judicious in your descriptions of options and features. You don’t have to list every little thing, and in fact doing so can make your ad seem bloated. If you’re writing about a 2015 Jaguar, it goes without saying that power windows are included. But you can certainly list some of the most appealing options that the car includes—a handful of the main selling points.
– Something else to remember: You should talk about your dealership, not just the car in question. Tell the story of your brand; even if a buyer doesn’t want the car in question, encourage them to call you about additional options. Make mention of your dealership’s primary distinctives, and list customer service accolades, in particular.
– Finally, tell the story of the car. Does it have a clean CarFax report? Is it certified as having just one owner? Those are the important things to list in your description, as they can be significant selling points for any car or truck.

Make Craigslist Descriptions Easy

Again, this is a really important part of Craigslist marketing, so it’s never a bad idea to ask for some additional help. You can get access to our expertise either by calling Get My Auto directly, or by downloading our Craigslist Wizard app and making use of its Smart Listing Technology. To learn more about our marketing services or our app, we invite you to visit Orange County based Get My Auto on the Web today.

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