5 Simple Ways for Auto Dealerships to Improve Their Digital Marketing

Is your auto dealership doing everything in its power to connect with local buyers—and to project your dealership as the dealership of choice among used car customers? Certainly, the age of digital marketing provides dealerships with many opportunities. Actually recognizing those opportunities, and taking full advantage of them, can be a bit of a growing process.

Maybe you already have some basic digital marketing measures in place, but are ready to take them to the next level. We’ll help you do exactly that, with five quick recommendations—simple ways to enhance your digital marketing efforts today.

How Your Dealership Can Grow Its Digital Marketing Efforts

Learn to Write Effective Calls to Action

Never assume that your buyers know what action you want them to take; instead, go out of your way to invite them to take action, in every piece of content you write. You should have a clear, strong call to action on every page of your website, every Facebook ad, and every Craigslist post. And it doesn’t have to be about buying a car, either; downloading an e-book or signing up for a newsletter can be a perfectly valid action to seek, too.

Be Active on Craigslist

Craigslist marketing may not be flashy and it may not seem cutting edge—but it gets results. We’ve seen it, time and time again, and we always encourage the dealerships we work with to give Craigslist a try. Just make sure you’re strategic, and that you take time to familiarize yourself with Craigslist’s rules for dealerships.

Be Active on Facebook

This may sound like an obvious point—but would you believe that only about 10 percent of all auto dealerships maintain an active Facebook presence? You’ll want to lean heavily on organic reach, but also invest some dollars into Facebook Ads, which allows you to display your advertisements to highly targeted audiences, essentially removing waste and risk.

Invest in Mobile

Does your dealership website display properly on all types of devices? Test it on phones and tablets of all kinds, and make sure it can be easily seen and navigated without the need for a lot of zooming or scrolling. If your site is not mobile-friendly, bring that up to your Web designer right away.

Build Credibility

Establish thought leadership—proving your dealership to be a trustworthy resource and an invaluable ally to buyers. You can build thought leadership by starting a dealership blog, and providing valuable tips about the buying process, financing, even auto maintenance. As an added bonus, your dealership blogs will make for great Facebook fodder. And don’t forget to include a call to action in each one!

Take Your Dealership Marketing to the Next Level

One additional way in which you can enhance your marketing efficacy? Reach out to our team at Get My Auto today. Allow us to work with you in developing a comprehensive approach—one that will translate into bottom line success.