Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, and Your Auto Dealership

Lately, we’ve been blogging quite a bit about Facebook Ads—an invaluable platform for auto dealerships to use in their efforts to build visibility and make more conversions.

Using Facebook’s paid ad component is certainly vital, but it’s not the only thing your dealership should be doing on Facebook. There is also a need for robust content marketing—that is, trying to reach buyers not through paid content, but through the everyday use of Facebook’s social networking features.

Why is content marketing necessary to augment paid ads? Because while paid content can expand your reach, content marketing is where you cultivate trust, proving to buyers that you’re knowledgeable, reputable, and ready to help them.

We really don’t recommend one without the other, and in this post, we’ll provide some further reflections on how content marketing works.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is often called selling without selling. While traditional advertising—including Facebook Ads—is all about you going to the buyer, content marketing is about enticing the buyer to come to you. Rather than hinging on hard sales pitches, content marketing relies on soft selling—providing something of value to your buyers, and trusting that this valuable content will help create a greater sense of loyalty to your brand.

There are many ways in which your dealership can use Facebook to build trust—and again, we emphasize that it’s not about directly promoting your brand, but rather about giving away valuable content. But this raises a critical question: What kind of valuable, free content should your dealership be giving away?

Content for Your Auto Dealership

The best channel for creating content is through a blog. By adding a blog to your company website, you can develop a library of helpful information—and that provides some terrific fodder for Facebook.

Some examples of relevant, valuable blog topics might include:

– Auto maintenance tips
– Auto cleaning/upkeep tips
– Tips for saving money on auto insurance
– General information about F&I offerings
– Tips for safe driving
– Trends in vehicle technology and energy efficiency
– Suggestions for inspecting/comparing potential vehicles

In addition to blogs, you can also record YouTube videos, perhaps allowing members of your team to provide some tips or insights of their own. A behind-the-scenes tour of your dealership can also make for compelling video.

It is also possible to use Facebook to share curated content—articles or blogs that you didn’t write, but that are nevertheless pertinent to your buyers and their needs. For example, maybe Forbes, The Huffington Post, or The New York Times publishes an article about safe driving techniques, or a rave review of your latest model. That’s good stuff to share on Facebook!

Take Your Facebook Marketing to the Next Level

The best way to get going with content marketing is to enact a schedule of regular content creation and distribution—and that’s something we can help you with. Connect with Get My Auto today to take advantage of our Facebook marketing know-how!

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