What Auto Dealers Should Know About Facebook Remarketing

Imagine this scenario: A buyer comes to your used car dealership and asks to see a car. You show them one, and they politely decline. “No thanks,” they might say. “This isn’t the car for me.”

What would you do, as this hypothetical buyer turns to leave? Would you simply let them go? Or would you try to follow up with them, to pursue them, to build their trust, ultimately to persuade them?

We’re guessing your answer falls into the latter category. Well, if that’s how you do things in “real life,” why don’t you do it that way on the Web?

What is Remarketing?

That’s what Facebook remarketing is all about. With remarketing, you can create ads that follow potential buyers and leads around the Web. For example, a buyer might visit your dealership website, look at some of the cars you have listed, then leave. Remarketing allows you to target that buyer with a series of ads, reminding them of your dealership and encouraging them to come back and complete their purchase.

This can be really powerful—a great way to build brand visibility among interested buyers, and to guide them through the sales funnel. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Consider that many of the world’s biggest retailers, including Amazon.com, run aggressive remarketing campaigns of their own.

Remarketing on Facebook

If you’ve ever used the Google AdWords platform for remarketing, you know basically how it works. But while Google AdWords allows your ads to be displayed throughout the Google network, Facebook’s remarketing tools allow you to show your ads across Facebook itself.

But how do you use this powerful tool? To start with, you’ll need to know how to create Custom Audiences. This is something we’ve addressed in a previous post; basically, you can create Custom Audiences based on an existing contact list, devise Custom Audiences made to mirror your current ad demographics, or formulate a Custom Audience based on people who’ve visited your website in the recent past. This last option is the one you want for remarketing.

You will also need to learn about Facebook Pixel. You can generate this little bit of code on Facebook itself, then easily add it to your dealership website. This is necessary for enabling Facebook to “track” buyers on your behalf.

Different Ways to Do Remarketing

Something else to note is that there are many different options for remarketing—for example, selecting people who have visited your site more or less recently, targeting people who have looked at certain pages or products, etc.

We recommend learning more about remarketing before you dive in—and one way to do that is to work with our team. Get My Auto provides customized marketing programs for auto dealerships across the country—and we’d love to work with your dealership to enact a remarketing campaign. Connect with Get My Auto today to begin that conversation.

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