Facebook Advertising for Dealers: Getting Your Images Right


One of the most important aspects of your dealership’s Facebook Ads campaign is choosing the right imagery. Good ad copy alone won’t command the sort of attention you need; you also need a picture to attract eyeballs and ultimately clicks. For that matter, your dealership also needs to have carefully-chosen images for its Facebook profile and cover photos.

In this post, we’re going to run down some basic image guidelines—ensuring you choose pictures that look good when displayed on the powerful social network.

Choosing the Right Dimensions

To start with, here’s a quick rundown of the image dimensions you’ll need for your dealership’s actual Facebook page—the dimensions that will ensure your images aren’t warped, distorted, or blurry in their appearance. Specifically, you’ll need good images for your profile picture and your cover image. For these, the recommended dimensions are 180 x 180 pixels and 828 x 315 pixels, respectively. For the profile picture, note that most any perfectly square image will probably be fine.

– And what about the dimensions for your actual ad images? Here, it all comes down to the type of ad you choose.
– For App Installs/Engagement ads, your image should be 1,200 x 628.
– For photo ads, the images will need to be 1,200 x 900.
– For videos, you’ll have to choose a thumbnail image that’s 1,200 x 675.
– Carousel images should be 600 x 600.
– Website links should be 1,200 x 628.
– Events images should optimally be 1,200 x 444.
– Lead generation ads will need to be 1,200 x 628.
– Offer claims should likewise be 1,200 x 628.
– Ads geared toward page likes need to be sized at 1,200 x 444.

More Notes About Facebook Ad Images

Now, this is obviously quite precise and scientific here, so allow us to note that Facebook is lenient. You don’t need your images to be the exact same dimensions as those specified here. That said, if you want to minimize any warping or blurring, we recommend that you aim for images that are as close as possible to the specifications we’ve listed. At the very least, try to get the aspect ratio to match up.

The bottom line: Crisp, high definition images will always attract more views and clicks than those that look grainy and blurry. Grainy images make your dealership look dated, which in turn makes you look less trustworthy and reduces the likelihood people will want to buy from you.

Get the Guidance You Need for Your Facebook Ads

We’ve only scratched the surface of what proper image selection entails—and if you want to dig deeper with us, we invite you to contact Get My Auto today. We know Facebook Ads inside and out, and we’re here to guide your auto dealership through the process. Learn more by reaching out to us today!

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