Creating Your First Facebook Ad: Understanding Some Basic


Once your dealership sets up a Facebook page and creates some buyer personas, you’re almost ready to start making Facebook ads—but first, there are a few basic concepts and terms you’ll want to understand. In this post, we’re going to highlight just a few of them.

Facebook Ads Terminology

One thing you’ll find, in using the Facebook Ads manager, is that all of Facebook’s paid ad options can be broken down into three elements; knowing this terminology will help you make sense of your campaign.

– The campaign. The campaign houses all of your Facebook advertising assets. This is sort of the “big picture” of your campaign.
–  The ad set. You’ll need to think about ad sets when you are targeting different demographics—e.g., if you’re running a different ad for each buyer persona you create.
You can set up different ad sets, each of which reflect different audiences/demographics.
– The ads. Within your ad sets you’ll have various individual ads, all with their own images, copy, etc.

Using Facebook Ads: Two Options

In addition to that terminology, you will also want to understand some of the different options available for running your Facebook Ads campaign. There are two basic dashboards you can choose from—Facebook Ads Manager, and the more robust Power Manager.

Generally speaking, the Ads Manager is the simplest option for most companies, and the one we recommend for beginners. The Power Manager is really only recommended for large enterprises looking to exert more control over the ads they run—and, who are running a lot of ad campaigns at once. It’s difficult for us to envision many circumstances in which an auto dealership would need the advanced features of the Power Manager, so sticking to basic Ads Manager is probably just fine.

Choosing Your Ad Type

One final point of clarification we’ll offer in this post: Before your dealership can run an ad, you’ll first need to decide on the purpose of that ad. As you sign into Ads Manager to create your first campaign, you’ll be automatically prompted to choose from a few different ad types. The main ones to consider include:

– Boost your posts
Promote your page
– Reach people near your business
– Increase brand awareness

– Send people to your website
– Raise attendance at your event
– Get video views

– Increase conversions on a website
– Get people to claim your offer
– Promote a product catalogue

Your dealership’s Facebook ads campaign will likely fall into one of these camps, and the option you pick will have a big impact on the copy you write, your targeting, your budgeting, etc.

Get Started with Facebook Ads

These clarification points will help you feel your way around Facebook Ads—and in future posts, we’ll get down into the nitty gritty of creating your ad campaign. For now, reach out to Get My Auto with any particular questions about marketing for your dealership!