The Best Way to Advertise on Facebook


In Facebook, auto dealerships find an invaluable tool for marketing and outreach. Not only does Facebook boast incredible reach—literally billions of people—but its celebrated Facebook Ads platform allows for a staggering range of options, including different ways to target ads to likely buyers and even different types of ads to choose from.

This begs the question, though: How can dealerships get the most bang for their Facebook buck? Faced with the Ads Manager’s myriad options, which specific ad types are the ones most easily recommended?

Define Your Facebook Ads Objectives

There is no simple answer here, because dealerships look for different things from their Facebook Ads experience. Before choosing a particular type of ad, it’s first important to think about your goals. What are you trying to accomplish through Facebook Ads? Answering that question will help you select the best ad type.

Here, in brief, are the seven basic types of Facebook ads that dealerships can work with—along with some quick comments about what makes them effective in particular scenarios.

  1. Page Post Engagements. These are essentially boosted posts—designed to get more people liking, commenting, and sharing your Facebook content, and in doing so providing your dealership with more online exposure.
  2. Page Likes Ads. This is a type of ad campaign specifically designed to show off your dealership Facebook page and get people clicking the like button—building your Facebook audience.
  3. Clicks to Websites. These ads are made to get buyers clicking through to an external website—like, say, your dealership website. If you’re looking to boost website traffic, this is the Facebook ad type you want.
  4. Website Conversions. If you want to not only get people on your website, but also encourage them to take a specific action once they are there—like signing up for an email newsletter—this is the option you’ll want.
  5. App Installs. These ads are made to get people to install an app. Unless your dealership has its own branded app that it uses for marketing, this likely isn’t relevant for your needs.
  6. Event Reponses. Holding a big sale, promotion, or special event day at your dealership? Spread the word, and get Facebook users to RSVP.
  7. Offer Claims. This final type of Facebook ad allows users to claim an online discount or coupon code, for use at your dealership.

Picking the Right Facebook Ads

All of these ad types have a purpose—and with the possible exception of app installs, all of them can find a place in your dealership’s Facebook Ads strategy.

But it’s important to really have that strategy in place. To make that happen, we recommend working with the pros. Get My Auto has unparalleled experience in making Facebook Ads effective on behalf of auto dealerships—and we’d love to talk with you about your Facebook Ads strategy.

Reach out to the team of ad pros at Get My Auto today to learn more.

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