Why Facebook is the Focus for Auto Dealers

We are constantly telling auto dealerships that one of the very best ways for them to invest their marketing dollars—arguably the best way—is in Facebook. And generally, dealers respond knowingly, nodding their heads and agreeing. Yet, statistics reveal that the vast majority of used car dealerships do not maintain an active Facebook marketing strategy. In fact, some studies show that only about 10 percent of dealerships use Facebook at all.

It might surprise you to learn just how valuable Facebook truly is—and for reasons that go beyond the massive size of Facebook’s audience. Consider, if you will, a few additional reasons to implement Facebook’s paid ad features and content marketing options.

Robust Targeting Features for Used Car Dealerships

One reason to use Facebook Ads is to take advantage of the targeting options, which essentially allow you to display your ads to the select group of consumers you’re trying to reach—that is, eager auto buyers in your geographic locale. This allows you to minimize any risk or waste from your ad campaigns. And the targeting options are truly remarkable. Some examples:

− You can target people who have previously visited your dealership website.
− You can create “lookalike” audiences, targeting people who are similar to those who have responded to your ads in the past.
− You can use actual DMV data to only show your ads to people looking for a new car in a certain make or model.

The options are endless, and allow you to make your ad campaigns incredibly focused.

Robust Content Options for Used Car Dealerships

Something else to consider: Facebook Ads allows you to promote your dealerships though engaging, dynamic content vehicles—videos, Facebook-exclusive ads, and more. There are also endless options for customizing ad text, ad imagery, and beyond. Your dealership can use Facebook Ads to appeal to your target audience through many different formats, testing different options to see what works and then really honing in on an effective ad strategy.

Don’t Forget Content Marketing

In addition to the different options afforded by Facebook Ads, your dealership can also use the channel to promote organic growth—sharing regular content updates to keep your audience interested. This is especially useful when you pair it with Facebook Ads; paid ads can bring new users into the fold, then organic content updates can keep them actively engaged with your dealership.

Develop a Facebook Ads Strategy

We’ll end by repeating a statistic from earlier in the article—namely, that only about 10 percent of all dealerships use Facebook for marketing purposes. What this means is that, if you embrace a truly effective Facebook Ads strategy, you’ll immediately have a major leg up over the competition.

And we can help you develop such a strategy. Get My Auto provides data-driven marketing for used car dealerships, and we put a heavy focus on Facebook. To learn more about what we can do, we encourage you to contact us today.