Troubleshooting Your Facebook Ads

Success in Facebook Ads won’t come automatically. There is almost always some trial and error involved, and many components you must bring into balance—targeting, budgeting, messaging, and more. As such, you may come to a point where your ad campaign simply isn’t working—so what do you do then?

First and foremost, stay calm. Facebook isn’t broken, and you’re not wasting your time. If nothing else, a failed campaign can teach you much about what doesn’t work, and provide you with some clues moving forward.

Moreover, there is some troubleshooting you can do to get to the bottom of things. Here are just a few things you might consider.

What’s Wrong with Your Facebook Ads Campaign?

You Have the Wrong Audience Size

This is usually the first thing you want to check. A Facebook audience that’s too large means you’re wasting clicks, which is to say, wasting dollars. If your ads aren’t getting any kind of engagement, it might be because you have a very specific message that you’re displaying to a very wide audience—in which case you might narrow things a little further. But be careful not to narrow things too much, which can be problematic in its own right—essentially leaving you with an audience of nobody, and ads that just don’t get displayed.

You’re Targeting the Wrong People

Something else to consider: You may be targeting people who simply aren’t into your product—that is, people who aren’t in the market to buy a new car, or who don’t want the particular kinds of cars you’re selling. Check your buyer personas, and ask yourself whether you may be getting something askew.

You Have a Bad Image

If your ad’s image isn’t compelling, nobody’s going to pay any attention to the content—plain and simple. Remember that you need a high-quality image, not anything blurry or warped. We’d also recommend avoiding white and blue color schemes, which can fade into the backdrop of a Facebook news feed.

You Have a Bad Headline

Similarly, a headline that doesn’t engage can totally sink your ad. A headline can be bad for several different reasons:

It lacks a compelling verb/sense of action
It is irrelevant to the offer, or misrepresents the ad content
It doesn’t convey the benefits you’re offering—the what’s-in-it-for-me for your buyers
It doesn’t speak to the needs/desires of your target audience

The bottom line: If your headline is flat, your ad won’t work—period.

Your Ad Needs to be Refreshed

If people keep seeing the same ad, you’re bound to see its impact diminished. In fact, it can lead some people to feel frustrated with your dealership, and it can be a real turn-off. Stale ads happen when you either run them for too long, or have too high of a frequency. Consider whether either of these might be a problem with your ad campaign.

Get an Expert Opinion

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